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Kanji Class

  • 01.
    I was really impressed with how much I have learned in this course. I'm only on level 2, but already I feel like I can have real meaningful conversations with people in Japanese. I think the pacing of the lesson is great! (Alex / Level 2) 
  • 02.
    I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the class. It was joyful to learn because of the comradery between teacher and fellow students. Although at time consuming, the moment of "understanding" always was a pleasant surprise. Being able to actually follow Japanese conversation is an amazing feeling. (Sheri / Level 2) 
  • 03.
    Having the opportunity to be fully immersed in Japanese is fantastic! Masa-san is a great teacher. I really appreciate having studied with him. I would recommend this class for anyone looking to further their study of Japanese and have a great immersive experience! ありがとうございます。(スティーヴ/ Level 4) 
  • 04.
    Level 2 class is more challenging than level 1, but it is still very fun! The immersion environment is fantastic and provides many opportunities for learning and practice. (Andrea / Level 2) 
  • 05.
    I do love my first immersion in Kanji. It was really easy to follow and memorize the Kanji symbols with the picture method, really easy way to learn. If you join the course I'm really sure you will not regret. I love it!!! (Raul) 
  • 06.
    Great class! Totally enjoyed every class and learned a lot. At first, I thought it was too fast-paced, but I eventually got used to it. I really like that Kyoko sensei reviewed previously learned kanji and as well as the *mini*quizzes. They were very helpful and it tested my current knowledge of the kanji I learned since the beginning. I'm definitely looking forward to Kanji 2 part 2! (マリー)
  • 07.

    The visual aids for helping with the Kanji characters are a huge help. (Matteo/ Level 2)

  • 08.

    The way that Kanji was introduced made it much easier to remember the characters after visualizing their origins. Thank you Masa-san. (Victoria/ Level2)

  • 09.

    The class (Level 2) is very interesting. Kanji was introduced too, which I first dreaded learning. But I found it easy and interesting, all because of how Masa-san presented it. The class (Level 2) is very interesting. (Sam/ Level 2)

  • 10.
    In Level 2 it was nice to learn useful expressions as well as how to be more descriptive. We also started learning Kanji which is very fun and interesting. (Doug / Level 2) 
  • 11.
    I've taken all 5 Kanji 1 classes and it's been a great experience. I definitely recommend it to everyone regardless of what level you are in. The stories are always so interesting and make it easy to remember the Kanji. I can't choose a favourite Kanji because I enjoyed many! (Mariam) 
  • 12.
    I always enjoy coming to Kanji Class. At first when I look at a complicated Kanji character, I might find it intimidating but after learning the origin of the Kanji and the meaning behind it, it really becomes a lot easier. (Nichole) 
  • 13.
    Learning Kanji is really fun with Kanji classes. The pictures and stories that are shown throughout the class really help to remember! (Frederic)
  • 14.
    The stories and accompanying illustrations for each of the Kanji thought make learning a lot more fun and easier. (Mee Ling)
  • 15.
    I like Kanji classes mainly because I can recall the Kanji I learn in the class much more easily compared to the ones I learn by myself. (Ramteen)
  • 16.
    After taking all 5 courses of Kanji 1, I feel less intimidate and nervous around text that contain a lot of Kanji. This feeling wouldn't be possible if I hadn't made the decision to take part in this class. Every course and all the class are always fun and I never feel confused. I am so happy to be apart of Aitas for both their language courses and Kanji class. The teachers are great and learning style is effective. :) (Niya)
  • 17.
    Absolutely fun! I'm amazed that I'm beginning to recognize and able to write more Kanji! I wan to learn more :) (Mary Grace)
  • 18.
    I found in this Kanji Class that they become easier to memorize since I was able to make connections with some of the Kanji I have learnt in the other Kanji Classes I have taken. Thank you for the wonderful class. (Chantal) 
  • 19.
    Great class, highly recommended! (Tiro)
  • 20.
    Thank you for making studying Kanji words and an easy study and a fun one too. I'm able to remember the words and stroke easier and the image is simple to remember. (Melfi)
  • 21.
    Kanji class was great. I had a lot of fun and will take it again next time. I learned a lot of interesting stories behind the symbolism of each Kanji and a great new vocabulary. (Anthony) 
  • 22.
    The Kanji class was an enjoyable way to learn the characters. I enjoyed learning the history of each symbol and think that learning what all the parts of each symbol represent helps in remembering and understanding the words (Kyle Holmes)
  • 23.
    By taking these classes I have expanded my vocabulary & knowledge of Kanji. The class are very entertaining. With the addition of stories for each Kanji I feel as though I retain what I'm taught. It is a very rewarding experience. (Nigel Seecharam) 
  • 24.
    Kanji class is really fun! When you learn a few a week & then retest it definitely is easier to remember.  The Kanji we learn are really useful for writing my homework & for reading Japanese texts. (Willa) 
  • 25.
    The Kanji class provided many visual aids which helped us learn each kanji. Masa-san was very helpful in helping us learn by providing hints through the use of pictures. I highly recommend taking this course. (Gina)
  • 26.

    The stories and pictographs behind each Kanji are very well presented by Masa-sensei which made learning easy and fun. These techniques definitely allowed me to remember much better and efficiently compared to self-learning with textbooks. Learning new vocabulary is also a bonus! (Dennis)

  • 27.

    Kanji can be daunting if you are unfamiliar with it. However, if you attend the Kanji class, Kanji will become easier. Although the best part of it all was that it was fun! No longer do I feel intimidated by Kanji, now, I look forward to deconstructing it as a picture that I was unable to depict before. I really enjoyed the class! ... and now I enjoy Kanji! (Ashley)

  • 28.

    Having no knowledge of Kanji at all, I found the class to be a great learning experience. Especially once I saw how the characters were derived from pictures that showed the meaning of the words. This made it easier to remember. I found the class a lot of fun. (Debbie)

  • 29.

    Kanji class was interesting and fun! I have always had problems learning and remembering Kanji. Kyoko-sensei and Masa-sensei made learning Kanji less of a chore. I would definitely take the class again. (Natasha)

  • 30.

    I really enjoyed the classes as they were really fun. The way that the kanji was taught and presented made it really easy to remember. I'm looking forward to the next set of classes and I would highly recommend it to anyone who's even remotely interested! (Wayne)

  • 31.

    Not only did I learn how to write Kanji, but I ended up learning many new vocabulary words as well. Kyoko-san's pictures were great memory aids, and the flash cards are very handy for reviewing at home. Highly recommended! (Nicole)

  • 32.

    Kanji class was fun! I really appreciated the illustrations used in class. Masa-san was so good in explaining each Kanji character. (Sylvia Tjahyadi)

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