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Regular Group Courses

  • 01.
    Classes with Aitas is always fun! The class environment is welcoming and open so you can practice your vocabulary and ask questions easily! (Adith, Level 4 - July 22, 2017)
  • 02.
    Level 4 was a lot more challenging with more complex grammar and vocabularies. However, Masa had a very unique way of making unique learning fun and easy for our group. It has been a pleasure participating in the Level 4 class and I really had a good time. Thank you! (Tracy, Level 4 - July 22, 2017)
  • 03.
    I love the class atmosphere and each of us have a chance to practice. There are many opportunities to interact with classmates in Japanese. Masa is always very helpful and teaches in a fun way! Keep it up! (Brenda, Level 4 - July 22, 2017)
  • 04.
    I like the fact that the class was taught completely in Japanese. It allows you to make connection to vocabulary much easier since the concepts are taught in a way that you don't need to use English to understand. I also liked how the group classes allow you to practice speaking to other people. I feel like I have a good grasp of the basic sentence structure after Level 1 which I was not expecting. ありがとうございます。(Thank you!) (Sam, Level 1 - June 29, 2017)
  • 05.
    The small class sizes are great for helping you practice with others. The vocabulary combined with learning new verbs and grammar, really help to enrich your conversations. My confidence with Japanese has definitely grown. (Danielle, Level 3 - July 22, 2017)
  • 06.
    I found that the full immersion was very useful in moving away from thinking in English. Although a bit more different than Level 1 and Level 2, Masa, made sure the topics were all understood and was very thorough with his lessons. I really liked how much energy he brings to each lesson. Keep up with the homework and you will be okay.  Language Exchange (offered by the school), was defintely beneficial in helping to use and become more fluent/eloquent with spoken Japanese. A little difficult but fun. Masa, also helps to remind you to use what you learn in the meetups.  (Jason, Level 3 - July 22, 2017)
  • 07.
    I enjoyed working in the JLPT TRY! N5 book. Listening to more Japanese speakers was very helpful. The Language Club (offered by the school) was very helpful as well. Reading Japanese is one thing; listening and conversing is another! I recommend you quiz yourself on vocabulary and kanji everyday. The more quizzes the better! (Alex, Level 3 - July 22, 2017)
  • 08.
    I love the way I can learn as it is funny but at the same time it's so challenging. All is great! Thank you for all. (Edgar Rueda, Level 3 - July 22, 2017)
  • 09.
    Masa's teaching style is very beginner-friendly, and encourages active participation during class. Over the course of eight lessons, the core concepts are regularly put into use and reinforced upon. The Language Exchange Club is also a very good way to practice the speaking and listening skills. (Michael Lau, Level 2 - Sept 21, 2017)
  • 10.
    Level 1 presented an adequate challenge for someone who didn't know any Japanese prior to attending class. Each class brought new interactions and built upon each other in a smart and easy manner.

    The engagement aspect of being in class was appropriately utilized and enforced. It is, however, absolutely necessary to practice what is taught in each class, in order to see a significant improvement.

    Masa is a great teacher, in that, his patience is exemplary. He has no air of being rushed and does show concern and care for his students. (Evan Grinbergs, Level 1 - Sept 20, 2017)
  • 11.
    Helpful class with explanations and practice you can't get online, or from textbooks. I would recommend it for anyone wanting to improve their skills. (Robin, Level 1 - Sept 20, 2017)
  • 12.
    This class was quite challenging due to the immersion method, but I found it to be quite effective. I'd strongly recommend (in my opinion) that students practice at home for around four hours each week to really learn how to use the vocabulary, the hiragana alphabet and grammatical structures. This was fun and I hope to continue until I become fully conversational in Japanese! (Lashaun, Level 1 - Sept 20, 2017)
  • 13.
    I really do feel the full immersion was a great benefit in keeping the right mindset for learning Japanese. I would recommend attending a Language Exchange and consuming Japanese multimedia to build and maintain (one's) progress. Finally, the size of the class was helpful in making each lesson feel more personal. Ultimately, I think Masa's (the teacher) personality ties the material together and helps (keep) me motivated. (Jason, Level 4 - Sept 30, 2017)
  • 14.
    Levels 1 to Level 4 has helped me be clear in my mind, and now I can hold a conversation confidently at the Language Exchange Clubs. I have also started to understand anime, TV shows and manga. I have been told by a Japanese speaker that I can now build sentence structures correctly. (Rahul Singh, Level 4 - Sept 30, 2017)
  • 15.
    I really enjoyed reading the roleplays, and (reading) out loud in class. It helped with my pronunciation and use of expression, and actions. I practice by speaking with family, and watching Japanese shows on Netflix. I hope to start going to the Japanese Language Exchange Club soon to continuing practicing. (Danielle, Level 4 - Sept 30, 2017) 
  • 16.
    I liked the various study materials, constant review and talking in class. My favourite part was chatting (in Japanese) in class. To practice, I visited the Language Exchange (at Aitas), talked to my Japanese friends, watched TV shows and tried reading manga. It is tough, but fun! (Alex, Level 4 - Sept 21, 2017)
  • 17.
    This school is amazing as well as having an effective teaching method. I recommend this school if anybody is willing to learn Japanese. Also this school provides a positive school environment as well as social opportunities. (Athena, Level 2 - Sept 21, 2017)
  • 18.
    Had a wonderful time in Level 2! Really enjoyed continuing to learn and putting some more complex phrases together. And learning some Kanji was great too. Thank you! (Jessica, Level 2 - Sept 21, 2017)
  • 19.
    It has been so much fun learning Kanji in this class. The drawings help understand the kanji. It's very clever. It is great to learn in a positive, encouraging and exciting environment! (Dani Bennett, Level 2 - Sept 21, 2017)
  • 20.
    Level 2 was very fun! I liked learning kanji through pictures. Masa, the teacher, makes it very funny and helps to remember them. I enjoy Masa's teaching methods and would recommend them to anyone. (Dyane, Level 2 - Sept 21, 2017)
  • 21.
    I enjoyed having a lot of interaction in class with the other students and getting lots of practice my speaking with real Japanese people. Masa (the teacher) is energetic as always! (Jennifer, Level 2 - Sept 21, 2017)
  • 22.
    Great continuation from Level 1. Very smooth transition! Equally as fun and engaging lessons, with appropriate homework to practice and improve between classes. Loves the addition of the readings as well! (David Perl, Level 2, Sept 21, 2017)
  • 23.
    The class is extremely fun and interesting. There is plenty of practice and I really like how the classes build on the previous lessons. The Kanji "comics" are really cute and help with understanding the origin of it. They make learning the characters fun and not intimidating. (Israa, Level 2 - Sept 21, 2017) 
  • 24.
    I love the 8 weeks of training. Very insightful, fun and interactive. Small class to allow you to interact with the rest of the group and learn fast, and apply (it) right away a lot that you have learned. I would recommend this class to any Beginner who wants to progress rapidly. Good job! (Patrick, Level 1 - Sept 18, 2017)
  • 25.
    I very much like the immersion learning, as it encourages people to try and speak aloud, instead of staying within their own head-space. We had a fun group that could laugh, while learning. (Jenn, Level 1 - Sept 18, 2017)
  • 26.
    The immersion of the class, feels like I learn better in this type of environment. I plan on signing up for Level 2 this January! (Raymond Yan, Level 1 - Sept 18, 2017)
  • 27.
    Masa (teacher), you were very engaging and made the class fun, while at the same time teaching us a lot. The (Aitas) workbook was very helpful. Thanks again! (Zach Olesinski, Level 1 - Sept 18, 2017)
  • 28.
    Love that the class is all in Japanese. (The) structure allows you to learn a lot! Masa (teacher) is patient and (his) energy is the best! (Jen De Vera, Level 1 - Sept 17, 2017)
  • 29.
    The class was great for hearing the repetitive patterns and practicing them with classmates. It helped to keep hearing and saying it over-and-over, to practice sounds, the (school) app was very helpful in reviewing and learning the Hiragana anywhere and practicing evening a little at a time. (Vanessa, Level 1 - Sept 18, 2017)
  • 30.
    The first level Japanese class is very fun and easy to follow. Masa (the teacher) is very friendly and always take time to explain to us with many methods. There are a lot of chances to interact with classmates, which is good. In each class, there is also the opportunity to review what we learned in the previous lesson, which helped a lot. (Shu Lee, Level 1 - Sept 18, 2017)
  • 31.
    Masa san's teaching style is very easy to understand, as it is very interactive and encourages all students to participate. Also, the lessons build on each other so the concepts from the earlier classes are reinforced, while new concepts can be understood easily by recognizing the change in sentence structures and syntax. Most importantly, Masa san makes it very fun wile learning the language. (Michael Lau/Level 1/July 14, 2017)
  • 32.
    Masa is a very fun and patient teacher. Very good use of visual aids and pictures. Good explanation of grammar. (Level 1)
  • 33.
    I really enjoyed learning Japanese with Masa-san, he is very entertaining and makes learning a new language easy. I also like the small class sizes. Everyone gets to participate and have fun. (Jennifer/Level 1)
  • 34.
    Very good! Dynamic, interactive and fun class. Really good if you're new to the language or have basic knowledge. Lot's of visual aids. (Jorge Garboza/Level 1)
  • 35.

    I liked the very interactive class structure and the speaking practice. It really was a lot of fun. The flashcards were very helpful in memorizing the Hiragana characters and nouns. The most challenging part for me is writing but the journal homework really helped speed it up. The examples taught are all very practical and easy to use for everyday practice. (Israa Saber/Level 1)

  • 36.
    The classes here were all a lot of fun and very engaging. Easy to follow along and understand what the focus of each lesson was. The activities were entertaining and helped get everyone in the class involved. Overall, nothing but good things to say - it was a really great time! Pros! The app is a huge help and a great way to practice outside of class. Great intro to learning Japanese! (David Perl/Level 1)
  • 37.
    Had a fantastic time in class. It was very fun, enjoyable and I learned so much! The flashcard app was a fantastic way to practice, great to do on my commute! Journals were also excellent writing practice. A good challenge. (Jessica/Level 1)
  • 38.
    I like the fact that the class is taught completely in Japanese. It allows you to make connections to vocabulary much easier since the concepts are taught in a way that you don't need to use English to understand. I also liked how the group classes allow you to practice speaking to other people. I feel like I have a good grasp of the basic sentence structure after Level 1 which I was not expecting. (Sam/ Level 1)
  • 39.
    Our instructor, Masa san, is very enthusiastic and makes learning fun. The small class sizes help ensure you can ask questions and understand the material. I love all the visuals and the language app on my phone means I can study anywhere. (Danielle/Level 2)
  • 40.
    Level 2 was a great challenge! Masa san is a wonderful and patient teacher which makes learning Japanese more fun. Thank you!! (Tanya/Level 2)
  • 41.
    Excellent place to learn. I just love it. (Edgar Rueda Arenas/Level 2)

  • 42.
    I really enjoyed having a small class size and daily review. My schedule only allows one class per week so knowing that everything will be reviewed takes the pressure off of homework/studying. Also, being able to do extra homework and essays that Masa-san would check was very helpful and allowed me to push my Japanese knowledge. (Alex Rushdy/Level 2)
  • 43.
    Classes from level 1 onwards to level 4 have been extremely fun and engaging. I look forward each week to every class. Learning with such a close knit group made this class one to remember and my Japanese went from not knowing a single word to knowing what people are singing in songs. This course is an amazing start to a life learning in Japanese. Thank you Aitas and Masa san for teaching. (Justin Diaz/ Level 4)
  • 44.
    I'm learning so much each class in such an integrated way. Each exercise and bit of homework always makes me review during the week so I feel ready to understand the next concepts. I have so much fun that I look forward to every class so I build on my vocabulary, phrase building and more! (Teiya Kasahara/Level 4)
  • 45.
    Level 4 with Masa sensei is amazing! Learning is always fun and sensei makes it easy to understand! Even though it is getting more challenging it is always rewarding in the end. Sensei's examples in class really helps practice and improve your Japanese. Aitas School is the best! Thank you for everything! (Narjis/Level 4)
  • 46.
    I like today's class where we got to play a game in Japanese. This was a lot of fun! I also enjoyed free conversation time, to practice what we know. Masa san always prepares such fun lessons, and we end up laughing a lot! This is a great way to learn because I want to try more and come back for more fun. I always enjoy these classes. (Christine/Level 4)
  • 47.
    This is the most interesting class I've ever had. Masa san uses activities and conversation to help us learn and practice Japanese. In this class we didn't have much pressure but very effectively improved. (Hillary Che/Level 4)
  • 48.
    This was the best experience of my life. I'm trying not cry right now because this class is a big part of my life. It has been my dream since 5 years old to learn Japanese. 20 years later I'm sitting here graduating level 4. I never thought I would be here. My dreams are coming true with the help of Masa sensei and our classmates. I made some amazing friends here and I wish to continue really soon in the future. Masa sensei is truly one of the best teachers. He holds a special place in my heart. I can't even express the gratitude I have for him, this school and my classmates. (Ally Prasad/Level 4)
  • 49.
    Course moved at a good pace and nothing felt too overwhelming. I like how everything built on the same vocabulary and building towards writing a journal. Enjoyed the class and working with other learners. (Level 1)
  • 50.
    Masa san is a great teacher. The class is challenging but fun and even when I was behind, I never felt uncomfortable. I highly recommend studying with the app between classes. There is a lot of information and its easier with practice. (Amy Benham/ Level 1)
  • 51.
    Group setting is a nice way to learn from each other. Friendly people with the same goals. I'm finally able to read/write hiragana. Something I never was able to achieve alone. The group setting gave me enough motivation to keep learning Hiragana. Looking forward to the next class. (Gideon Baux/ Level 1)
  • 52.
    A wonderful class. The immersion method made it much easier for me to learn. Masa-san you are so funny which makes your students less nervous!! I would certainly recommend this method to anyone who wanted to learn Japanese. Arigatou!! (Alison Katsumi/ Level 1)
  • 53.
    I love the immersion method. It seems to work really well for me as it forces me to learn. It's a very fun course. I plan to continue with Aitas for a few more levels. (Korrie Williams/ Level 1)
  • 54.
    Excellent class, very interactive with the other students. I liked the group practice which gives a chance to improvise and try new sentences. (Chris/ Level 1)
  • 55.
    Overall, great experience. Would recommend to others. (Paul/Level 1)
  • 56.
    I liked the progression from learning Hiragana to building basic sentences and then to more complex sentences. I appreciated having to understand everything just in Japanese without having to rely on English. The app (Flashcards)was really helpful to learning the letters and vocabulary.(Lena Rubisova/Level 1)
  • 57.
    I found the class comprehensive, especially helpful was the follow up during the next lesson. Starting from the 3rd or 4th lessons, things (words and characters) started making some sense. (Justas Butkus/Level 1)
  • 58.
     Immersion learning is very helpful, and an environment without English forces you to immediately use what you learn, and make it your own knowledge. I also appreciate how the course doesn't follow strict grammar syllabi, but instead teach daily conversational usages that are extremely helpful and immediate useful in Japanese speaking environment. (Jerry /Level 1)
  • 59.
    I liked the picture and drawings by kanji characters. It helps memorize them quickly. (Ralph/ Level 2)
  • 60.
    I liked the gestural explanation to help understand the concept in Japanese. I also liked the visualization on card or board of words. (Ralph/ Level 1)
  • 61.
    I really enjoyed the class. I had no prior knowledge of Japanese and although some student obviously did, the teacher made me feel welcome and was always helpful. (Michelle Van Driel/ Level 1)\
  • 62.
    This was a very enjoyable class and I had a lot of fun! This was a great way to learn Japanese and Masa-san is a great teacher. Thank you for an enjoyable few weeks! I would love to continue on to the next Japanese levels! (Carmen/ Level 1)
  • 63.
    Masa-sensei was an amazing teacher, and every class was really engaging. I feel like I've learned a lot and am excited to come back and learn more! (Jaydee, Level 1)
  • 64.
    First of all, I liked the full immersion and no English policy in the class. Masa sensei is amazing, it's very easy to follow him even when the class was hard. Looking forward to continue to the next level! (Aleksandee Meparisholi/ Level 1)
  • 65.
    I am very glad that I signed up for this class. Masa san is an excellent teacher, who encourage his students all the time! I looked forward to coming to class every Thursday. I also met some great people, and I'm very happy I attended. I have a good understanding of hiragana, and will learn katakana next. Thank you very much Masa san! (Mubnii/ Level 1)
  • 66.
    Easy to understand. Practical for everyday use. (Sandy Young/ Level 1)
  • 67.
    Enjoyable atmosphere, classes are fun to attend. I find the immersion style of teaching works very well. (Dan Morrison/ Level 1)
  • 68.
    Fun, playful, well balanced class. Each course introduced a new concept without too much information allowing us to slowly build on good foundation. With a minimum of homework, you quickly realise you can build full sentences that mean something. Teacher kept energy level high. (Xauier Briand/ Level 1)
  • 69.
    Kanji already! At just level 2 too! Looking forward to getting even deeper into the Japanese language! (Adrian Siu/ Level 2)
  • 70.
    Level 2 class was really fun and informative. Masa-san made learning kanji really enjoyable and easy. (Coleen/ Level 2)
  • 71.
    Love the class. Very helpful with many visible aids. Great for people who are beginners. (Kenneth Chong/ Level 2)
  • 72.
    It seems as though every class becomes more and more enjoyable! It is so much fun to learn Japanese with everyone in our class. Masa keeps us very lively and time moves so quickly in class. 10/10 would do again! (Katrina Jose/ Level 2)
  • 73.
    The learning environment is amazing! I can't believe how quickly I'm learning Japanese. Masa-san is incredibly helpful and full of passion and energy. I highly recommend this class to anyone looking to learn the Japanese language, as well as about Japanese culture. (Jacob Steinfeld/ Level 2)
  • 74.
    I love that the class builds on the vocabulary we learnt in level 1 and aimed it toward conversation. Masa-san is always so positive and supportive and makes so enjoyable.
    (Kaitun Cheel/ Level 2)
  • 75.
    Fun class with amazing classmates. We learn and we improve together. Can't wait to come back for level 3. (Y/ Level 2)
  • 76.
    The classes were fun and the topics were very useful for everyday conversations. The pictures were very helpful in a great learning as well. Masa is a great teacher and makes the lessons fun! (Elain/ Level 2)
  • 77.
    Lots of content, but very well organized! Thank you. (Maureen Dodd/ Level 1)
  • 78.
    At first the thought of taking Japanese immersion seems intimidating, but Masa-sensei makes it very fun to ease any nervousness that anyone might have. Masa-sensei's teaching style is very energetic, engaging, and interactive. I would highly recommend trying Japanese immersion at AITAS. (Marc Mondocdoc/ Level 1)
  • 79.
    The lessons were fun and seldom felt like work. The sense of discovery in figuring out how the language worked through the process of immersion was very rewarding. And made my understanding of Japanese feel very organic. (Timothy Chaychuk/Level 1)
  • 80.
    The class is very interesting. Covered everything I am expecting to learn for the first level. The instructor is so patient and kind. Basically answered every question sincerely and thoughtfully. I would definitely recommend the class to every friend who's looking for Japanese classes in the city. (Scarlett/Level 1)
  • 81.
    I really like how enthusiastic Masa sensei is; It really makes the class more enjoyable and easier to learn from. I like the style of the class (full immersion and intermittent participation) as it gives us all a chance to practice pronunciation and using what we learned. Thank you very much. (Jason/Level 1)
  • 82.
    Very interactive and fun, verbal use makes Japanese lesson very easy to learn and follow. I really enjoyed the energy and how each lesson was taught. This was definitely better than I expected and I am happy about the progress. (Kevin/Level 1)
  • 83.
    I enjoy Masa san making everything fun and interesting. A lot of hands on interaction makes learning very easy. (Gillis Depratto/Level 1)
  • 84.
    I like the positive atmosphere and fun activities. I also like the friendly teaching style. (Xinwen Cui/Level 1)
  • 85.
    I had a really tremendous time in class. It was consistently engaging, fun and helpful. The immersion method really is beneficial. I hope to continue studying for a long time! Thank you! (Connor/Level 1)
  • 86.
    This was my first course at Aitas and the teacher and students were all very welcoming and helpful. Everyone was very patient in answering my questions whenever I was confused. The Japanese teaching style allowed me to progress faster. Would definitely continue my studies here. (Samantha/Level 3)
  • 87.
    I enjoyed the class very much. Especially happy to practice speaking Japanese more in class. Very good use of visual aids to teach concepts and Kanji. Small classes made it better to understand concepts. (Naomi/Level 3)
  • 88.
    Level 3 started out as challenging but it became fun in the end! Learning Kanji seems scary at first, but sensei makes it very easy to understand. Learning Japanese is both fun and rewarding! (Narjis/Level 3)
  • 89.
    It was a very entertaining class! I always had fun. Even when I got a little confused it was still enjoyable and Masa san was so helpful in explaining things. I feel like this class has taught me more natural every day speaking compared to formal speech. I look forward to learn Japanese in a comfortable and fun environment. (Christine/Level 3)
  • 90.
    The teacher is nice. My classmates are nice. I learned a lot through communicating with the teacher and classmates. Language exchange club is also nice. (Jing/Level 3)
  • 91.
    This course is amazing. It was hard but very fun and rewarding. I feel very confident in my ability to be able to understand Japanese and find my way around Japan when I go there. In 6 months taking levels 1-3, I've grown a lot and I feel the Aitas teaching method is spectacular for anyone interested in learning Japanese. (David Hyunh/Level 3)
  • 92.
    I've been here since level 1 and it's been amazing. I can't believe how much I've learned over the last 6 months! I am able to read, write, talk and understand at a good fundamental level. I will continue to take all the courses. I've made some really good friends here and we do speak Japanese outside of the class room. (Ally/Level 3)
  • 93.
    The classes are very fun. I started from Level 1 and even though the classes are becoming more and more difficult, the class remains high energy and engaging. Coming to class every Friday is something I always look forward to. (Justin Diaz/Level 3/March 3rd,2017)
  • 94.
    Such a fun class, great people. Very challenging but sharing the class with classmates helps so much! They help you and so does the instructor. You progress so quickly it boggles the mind! To be able to read and write in hiragana after only a few weeks is amazing! Very impressive! (Angie/Level 1)
  • 95.
    I really enjoyed how you learn to write completely in hiragana so fast! Masa san is very good at explaining/teaching things without using English in the classroom environment! (Anna/Level 1)
  • 96.

    Very fun and enjoyable. Something to look forward to every Monday! Really liked the full Japanese immersion during class! It really forced me to think using the Japanese learnt in class. (M.T) 

  • 97.

    I really enjoyed learning Kanji! The stories are fun and help with remembering their meanings. Language club was challenging but exciting when I could recognize words and phrases. (Mike/Level 2)

  • 98.
    During the last course, Masa-san really proved to be a great teacher. Masa-san is really helpful especially when I don't understand something. He always finds ways to explain the material. (Daniel/Level 2)
  • 99.
    The course was amazing with a great environment. It's necessary to spend some time reviewing after class as well as do all of the homework. Overall it was an excellent class and I recommend it to everyone, even those without Japanese knowledge. (Fausto/Level 1)
  • 100.

    I like the amount of time we have to speak and learn Japanese in class. I also like the interactive way of learning and practicing speaking with other classmates. I hope to learn more Japanese! (Brenda/Level 1)

  • 101.
    The class is a supportive and encouraging environment that really helps you practice without worrying about making mistakes. (Aditi/Level 1)
  • 102.

    Starts off a little intimidating but as the weeks progressed classes became easier to understand and a lot more fun. Learned a lot of Japanese and found this to the best language course I have ever taken. Thank you for teaching in such a fun and interactive manner. (Stephan Barrow/Level 1)

  • 103.
    I love that Masa-san makes the classes easy to follow and understand. I had a great time with the rest of the students and plan to continue on to the next levels. If you are a new student don't worry. Relax and just have fun. Aitas has a great learning environment. (Tanya/Level 1)
  • 104.
    The classes are fun and engaging every week! Level 2 was harder but I very much enjoyed it! (Justin Diaz/Level 2)
  • 105.
    Great teaching methodology and the teacher is nice. I also like my classmates. Everyone is nice so I have made lots of friends. (Jing/Level 2)
  • 106.
    During the last course, Masa-san really proved to be a great teacher. Masa-san is really helpful especially when I don't understand something. He always finds ways to explain the material. (Daniel/Level 2)
  • 107.
    I love the Japanese Level 2 class! It was really enjoyable. The class is very engaging and Masa-san is very helpful! (Ally Prasad/Level 2)
  • 108.
    I love the Aitas school because classes are always fun and hands on. Sensei gives lots of examples and it's easy to understand and learn Japanese. (Narjis Lewis/Level 2)
  • 109.
    I had a wonderful time attending Level 1 class. Masa-san is a wonderful facilitator and he really made it easy for us to learn Japanese. I really enjoyed coming to class every Thursday and I look forward to learning more Japanese in the future. (Tracy/Level 1)
  • 110.

    Fantastic job done by Masa-san. During the class, he tries to engage everyone and explain the parts that might be difficult. (Aleksandre/Level 3)

  • 111.
    Great class as always as the content is interesting and easy to understand. The plan for each class is well organized and we had a lot of opportunity to practice. Masa-san us one of the most passionate instructors. I enjoy learning from him. (Chris/Level 3)
  • 112.
    Very well done and prepared. The live practice really builds your confidence! (Jack/Level 3)
  • 113.
    Small class with 5-6 people. The communication during class is a really good way to help you understand Japanese. When you practice with people it's easy to remember words. The flashcard app really helps me to memorize Japanese words while I took the TTC. I always use it to practice my Japanese. Masa-san is nice and approachable. (Jing/Level 1)
  • 114.
    It's so wonderful to be in a beginner level program where it is completely full immersion. I didn't think I would understand, but I was very surprised by how much I caught on especially during week 5. The visual aids are a tremendous help along with repetition and speaking aloud. I also love the flashcard app. It helps me memorize and feel familiar with the vocabulary. I've had so much fun and want to do more! (Teiya Kasahara/Level 1)
  • 115.
    I really enjoy my time learning Japanese here, Masa-san makes the class easy and enjoyable. The mobile app they use is really good to study on your way to work or any other time you have to spare. Even though the class is completely in Japanese it is very easy to follow the instructions of any activity. (Daniel/Level 1)
  • 116.
    I love the full immersion aspect of this class! In two months I'm now able to think in Japanese rather than translating! This was a struggle for me because I used to teach myself. I love the small classes as it makes for a controlled and comfortable atmosphere. Masa-san is an amazing teacher. His exaggerated gestures, drawings on the whiteboard and flash cards makes us beginners pick up the material with ease! I will 100% continue forward. Good Job Aitas!(Ally Prasad/Level 1)
  • 117.
    Excellent course! Masa-san uses the whiteboard very well to clearly show vocabulary and sentence structure. After just one course I am able to actually write a basic story in Japanese. What a sense of accomplishment! Thanks for everything. (Julie /Level 1)
  • 118.
    I really enjoy the feel of learning. It was challenging and fun but not too difficult and what is taught sticks in your mind. I don't feel as if I had any trouble with comprehension. (David Huynh/Level 1)
  • 119.
    Overall I really enjoyed the class. I looked forward to coming in each week, while at times it was difficult it was never overwhelming. A great balance. The full immersion and small class size definitely helped. I also learned leaps and bounds faster here then trying to do so alone with online videos and apps. Thank you very much! (Andrew Denmark/Level 1)
  • 120.
    I came into this class with ZERO grammar and skills and ended by writing a full page essay in Japanese! I had so much fun and learned so much in first two months. I'll absolutely be signing up for more classes. Masa-san made everything approachable and not intimidation at all. (Sarah White/Level 1)
  • 121.
    Great experience! It was very interactive and really engaging. Masa was a greater instructor and would definitely recommended going here and can't wait to learn more Japanese. Overall, I had positive experience. (Kulsoom Ahmad)
  • 122.
    This is a very interesting way of teaching and always practicing how to speak. (S.C)
  • 123.
    Very intuitive - I knew what the phrases were trying to convey even though I never took any Japanese classes before! (Rachel)

  • 124.
    I really enjoyed the full immersion method, it is a lot of fun! I learned a lot. (Tracy)
  • 125.
    It was really refreshing to be able to understand and speak a bit of Japanese in such a short period of time. Masa is such a fun teacher. (Kathy de Castro)
  • 126.
    The learning environment at Aitas is really fun and interactive. Over the last couple of weeks I have gotten to know Masa-san and everyone else in the class making every Friday a highlight of my week. (Justin Diaz/Level 1)
  • 127.

    The lesson was intense but very helpful and interesting. There are ways of taking in information that I am not practiced at but are available and helpful! Thank you! (John)

  • 128.
    I really enjoyed my time learning Japanese here. Masa san makes the class easy and enjoyable. The mobile app they use is really good to study on your way to work or any other time you have to spare. Even though the class is completely in Japanese it is very easy to follow the instructions for any activity. (Daniel Castomeda/Level 1)
  • 129.
    Very interesting the way class works. I'm sure it's better for adults to learn in this way with full immersion and useful examples. (Fausto)
  • 130.
    The idea of studying Japanese in full immersion from scratch was a little daunting but Masa-sans enthusiasm and excellent teaching techniques made the whole experience very enjoyable and dynamic. As a teacher myself, I appreciated how committed he is to his method and to making every student feel involved without even making anyone feel uncomfortable. Despite being a slow learning I really had a great time and I highly recommend the school to anyone interested in learning this very interesting language. (Alex/Level 1)
  • 131.
    Masa-sensei delivered and facilitated a comprehensive, engaging and fun 8 week course! His passion shows through each class. I would encourage anyone wanting to learn Japanese to commit their time with Aitas as I feel I have learned a lot now that level 1 has concluded. I would definitely like to return for future classes as the learning environment has been so positive. Thank you! (Ethan/Level 1)
  • 132.
    I really liked the full Japanese only environment. It wasn't too hard as I could understand 95% of the class. If we couldn't understand then the teacher would repeat everything. It's a great way to learn. Much more motivating than self-study. Also there is no stress as the content is repeated until we understand. Thank you to our teacher! He was very fun, energetic and very nihon-style! I learned a lot. (Miranda/level 1)
  • 133.
    This is an intense course for an absolute beginner like me but Masa-san made it so easy for us to enjoy every minute! Lots of practice opportunities with other students thanks to the small size to the class. The learning experience was so interesting when Masa-san kept us on track using visual aids and body language. I felt motivated all the time ,Thanks Masa-san! にほんがすきです! (Yanru/Level 1)
  • 134.

    This class is amazingly fun and educational. Even though it is only in Japanese it's very easy to understand and Masa-sensei makes it very fun. The flash cards provided were also awesome! With those I was able to study while on the go which is always helpful. Studying for short periods of time each day is more effective than studying for hours once a week. (Narjis/Level 1)

  • 135.

    You must pay attention to what is going on but it is easy to do because Masa-san teaches in a very engaging way. It makes you want to learn and pay attention! It is a very relaxed and stress-free environment. You have to make sure to practice at home, even just repeating what you learned in class. I love that there is no pressure and that Masa-san is always smiling and encouraging, it makes you feel better! I'm going to miss this course a lot. Make sure you try your best! (Parishee/Level 1)

  • 136.
    The class was great! It helped me break a lot of language barriers. It has been a great experience and I am looking forward to Level 2 and beyond. ありがとうございます! (Paul Debonis/Level 1)
  • 137.
    The class was very fun and helpful. The full immersion method made it easy to understand. I would recommend the course to those that want to explore the Japanese language. (Andrew/Level 1)
  • 138.
    I enjoy taking this Japanese course as the material is interesting. Masa-san is a very passionate teacher. I would love to continue to take this course because I really found the Japanese we learned useful in daily conversations. (Chris/Level 1)
  • 139.
    Interactive teaching. Cartoon and other teaching tools. Friendly teacher. Small class. Fun atmosphere. Text book is very useful. Learned how to read and write. Learned long sentences. Learned interactive dialogues. (Mandy / Level 1)
  • 140.
    The immersive environment helps immensely for people who have difficulty with conventional approaches to learning a new language (e.g. memorization, translation). I thought I was too old to learn and remember anything however I was wrong as Aitas has given me an opportunity to learn Japanese in a way that doesn't allow me to forget. This course is highly recommended. (James / Level 1)
  • 141.
    Classes were short and straight to the point. Each week's review refreshed the content I learn from the previous week superbly. This class was amazing, I would love to return and continue my education of the Japanese language. Aitas is a school I definitely would recommend to beginners. I loved every single session. The teacher is great, and is a native speaker. His method of teaching are phenomenal, comedic and all around educational. Friendly, humorous teachers are definitely what our education system needs and Aitas teacher does it flawlessly. I felt comfortable speaking aloud. Keep up the good work! (Eddie / Level 1)
  • 142.
    I think full immersion is a fantastic way to learn, and Masa (my instructor) did an amazing job with it. Full immersion is definitely more challenging than a more *traditional* teaching method. I learned so much faster at Aitas than I thought I would. My girlfriend is fluent Japanese, and she was amazed with how much I learned in only 8 weeks, and with how well I understood it. (Alex / Level 1)
  • 143.
    I liked the fact everything was in Japanese (written and spoken) even if sometime I had trouble to deal with Hiragana. I also liked how Masa taught us with images, repetition and a full white board at the end of the lesson. (Sophie / Level 1)
  • 144.
    I had a lot of fun going to Japanese classes in Aitas Language School. My Japanese language skills improve very fast by the way Masa-san teaches. I even decided to go to Japan for short-term language study, because of the course I took in Aitas. I will definitely come back to more advanced level classes. I want to say thank you to Masa-san for the wonderful classes and all the help he gave on the application for my short-term study in Japan. (Si Yao Zheng / Level 1)
  • 145.
    I thought the class was a great introduction to the Japanese language. The complete immersion worked well and was easy to follow. I feel like I learned more in the beginner class than I was expecting. Masa-san was an excellent teacher who was both easy to follow to students. I would definitely recommend Aitas for people interested in learning Japanese. (Matthew / Level 1)
  • 146.
    I love the learning environment. I am very shy when I don't understand something, but Masa was a very patient teacher and I felt more comfortable by the end. I personally struggled most with reading but I slowly got more and more used to it. I will continue studying at home and will definitely be returning for Level 2! (Cassandra / Level 1)
  • 147.
    I loved this class! I never imagined full immersion would be so fun! I found the instruction methods really helped me learn. The cute flash cards and pictures made class fun and enjoyable while the workbook's excellent clarity and organization really helped me to learn and review at home. Class notes were clearly presented in tables on the board, which combined with color coding made them easy to understand even with no English! Thank you! (Katelyn Eathrne / Level 1)
  • 148.
    This class was amazing! Full immersion sounded very challenging at first, but from my initial trial class, it has been an entertaining and knowledgeable experience-all the way to the end!Masa-san teaches extremely well and despite not speaking a word of English during the class he gets his point across effortlessly and effectively. Can't wait to start Level 2. (Shilang / Level 1)
  • 149.
    This class was amazing! Full immersion sounded very challenging at first, but from my initial trial class, it has been an entertaining and knowledgeable experience-all the way to the end!Masa-san teaches extremely well and despite not speaking a word of English during the class he gets his point across effortlessly and effectively. Can't wait to start Level 2. (Shilang / Level 1)
  • 150.
    This course is great if you have the willingness to learn. You get to do a lot of writing, which I did not expect. This helps with the hiragana and allows you to quickly spell out by sounds. Writing an essay at the end of the course definitely makes you feel like you accomplished a lot for an elementary level. (Voinea/ Level 1)
  • 151.
    This has been my greatest achievement using full immersion. I have always fantasized about learning Japanese at the wave of a magic wand. (Just like in Disney films of anime) however reality is always difficult. This course and Masa san's teaching technique has made my dream come true. My love for Japanese culture has deepened more than ever. Arigato gozaimasu Masa and Kyoko san for building this monument of wonders called Aitas! (Rence Manzoo/ Level 1)
  • 152.
    Really fun classes. A great balance of grammar and conversation. I really liked being able to use a photographed of the previous week's white board for review. Thanks so much, looking forward to taking more lessons with you. (Jonathan)
  • 153.
    First and foremost, I'd like to thank Masa- san for another 8 weeks of Japanese -learning experience. Although the difficulty of grammar during level 3 is significantly higher than level 1 and 2, Masa-san did an incredible job teaching us. Masa-san excelled at providing an entertaining class hemisphere, explained and answered questions exceptionally clear and continued to give us positive encouragements. (Zheng/ Level 3)
  • 154.
    I love learning Japanese at Aitas. Our teacher Masa is very good! I'm excited to continue learning and improving my Japanese abilities. Even though the journey is long, it is very fun to come to class. (Garry / Level 1)
  • 155.
    I love my eight weeks and just now waiting for join the next level. Since you only can speak Japanese forces you to challenge yourself and therefore improving my knowledge faster. I highly recommend the school everyone to learn with a good teacher and a great atmosphere. (Raul / Level 1)
  • 156.

    I loved having personalized class structure! It really helped me focus on areas I was weak in. At first I thought speaking only in Japanese would be extremely difficult, but it helped me realize how much I've learned! Thank you Masa-san for all your help! You made class fun and helpful! (Amanda/ Level 1)

  • 157.

    The full immersion was really well done. Masa sensei is very patient and teaches in the full immersion environment very well. (Alex/ Level 1)

  • 158.

    It was a very fun class and I am surprised at how much I was able to learn in such a short time. I found the immersion approach to be very effective. There's always a point to each class and Masa-san teaches very well. (Level 1)

  • 159.

    Masa-san really cares about teaching his students Japanese. He is very positive and enthusiastic, which is helpful for the night class students. Great for working professionals. (Will/ Level 1) 

  • 160.

    Course was very fun and engaging. The immersion method forced me to think and be active during lessons and allowed me to remember more. Very much enjoyed the animated/ funny style of Masa-san. (Alex/ Level1)

  • 161.

    Learning Japanese at AITAS is very fun and easy. I strongly recommend immersion studies. Fast, fun and Masa-sensei is very friendly. (Erie Hou/ Level1)

  • 162.

    I really like the learning atmosphere in class. Everyone is anxious in learning this foreign language but in a relating way. Participating in group exercises also helps us learn faster and better. I would definitely recommend AITS to anyone who is interested in learning Japanese. (Level 1)

  • 163.

    Japanese immersion is easier and funnier than I thought it would be! We learned a lot in 16 hours of class. To future students, practice practice practice! Repeat what you're not sure of and follow the actions to remember. (Teresa trang/ Level 1)

  • 164.

    The only way to learn Japanese!!! Always energetic and enjoyable. It has enhanced my ability to learn Japanese. If you are interested in the Japanese language and culture, AITAS is the environment to learn in. (Nicholas Givens/ Level1)

  • 165.

    Friendly positive learning environment. Will be continuing on to next levels. The homework provided fun with learning. (Jessica/ Level1)

  • 166.

    The entry level course certainly exceeded my expectations! It was quite engaging and definitely the small class environment helps a lot. Not to mention the teacher's direct approach, that even though it may seem intimidating at first, it really pays off in the end. It's a course definitely worth continuing and will for sure recommend to anyone interested learning Japanese! (Federico/ Level 1)

  • 167.

    I absolutely enjoyed the class atmosphere! Everyone was great and easy to get along with. the full immersion was very beneficial as it gets you to start thinking in Japanese without trying to convert to English. It was a little though to get used to at first but it definitely makes it easier down the road. A fun great way to learn Japanese and make new friends at the same time. Level 2 here we come! (Tyler Moravec/ Level 1)

  • 168.

    This was a fantastic class. I'd highly recommend the immersion style to anyone interested in Learning Japanese. It was difficult at first but very quickly I started "thinking in Japanese" and being able to understand everything. Masa-san makes every lesson fun and engaging. I was never afraid to speak or participate in class. I look forward to returning for the future lessons. (Alex/ Level 1)

  • 169.

    At first the thought of taking Japanese immersion seems intimidating, but Masa-sensei makes it very fun to ease any nervousness that anyone might have. Masa-sensei's teaching style is very energetic, engaging, and interactive. I would highly recommend trying Japanese immersion at AITAS. (Marc Mondocdoc/ Level 1)

  • 170.
    The lessons were fun and seldom felt like work. The sense of discovery in figuring out how the language worked through the process of immersion was very rewarding. And made my understanding of Japanese feel very organic. (Timothy Chaychuk/Level 1)
  • 171.
    Easy to follow. Engaging. (M.G)
  • 172.
    It was fun. If I was ever confused, Masa-san was very nice and made me feel comfortable. (P.A.)
  • 173.

    I like the way that Japanese is taught. Very structured way to learn the grammar and sentence structure. Lots of practice and encouragement from Masa-san. Immersion is fun! (Lysil/Level 1)

  • 174.

    Masa-sensei is one of the best teachers I've had... ever! Not just in language related courses. He is so enthusiastic, passionate and clear when he is teaching. It makes it very fun but also very easy to follow. I love the complete immersion and I think it truly is the best way to get our heads in the "Nihongo-zone". Really, I have nothing negative to say. I can't wait to continue my studies further! (Sam Pomanti/Level 1)

  • 175.

    Masa-san has been a great instructor. Full immersion can be overwhelming at times but Masa-san is very encouraging and positive all the time. Looking forward to continuing learning. (Jessica/Level 1)

  • 176.

    It's the most interesting class I've ever had. Masa-san provides the most effective methods to learn a new language. I really enjoy every class and look forward to attending the class every week. (Hillary/Level 1)

  • 177.

    I really like the use of props and gestures. It makes learning in full immersion very fun and not too challenging. (Jack/Level 1)

  • 178.
    Best intro ever! I was nervous about no English allowed, but it turned out to be a blast. I would definitely enroll! 10/10! (Arthur Corral)
  • 179.
    I had a lot of fun during this trial lesson. Masa-san was very enthusiastic and patient during the lesson. Masa-san did a great job teaching us the basics through what we already know. (J.I)
  • 180.
    It was a great experience; I have to admit that at first I was scared hearing that we are not allowed to speak English during class but it was actually a lot of fun. I've learned a lot today and I look forward to learning more from Masa san. (C.P)
  • 181.

    Level 3 was very challenging (in the best way) as some things will take more practice to feel comfortable with. It was fun!. (Michelle/Level 3)

  • 182.

    It was really great to learn in an immersion environment. It was a great chance to practice listening and speaking skills. (Anna/Level 3)

  • 183.

    Level 3 was hard but really fun! By the end, I had WAY more confidence in my speaking, reading and writing. Highly recommend taking this level. (Laura/Level 3)

  • 184.

    The level of understanding for Japanese grammar and sentence structure really increased during level 3. It was a little more difficult but also a lot more rewarding. (Dan/Level 3)

  • 185.
    I really enjoyed this class. I was look forward to it every week! I have been living in Japan for 3 years and still lacked a strong basic foundation of Japanese. I personally never found studying Japanese fun until I joined this class! The pace of the course was consistent and it was an exciting challenge to learn with complete Japanese immersion! I made study friends also! Masa sensei is an amazing teacher! As a former ESL teacher, I can see his teaching technique is very effective and engaging! I'm looking forward to start level 2! (Allyson Massiah / Level1) 
  • 186.
    I liked the style of teaching. It was very interactive and interesting. Definitely recommend the course to those who are looking to learn Japanese. (Joshua/ Level 1)
  • 187.
    The class was easy and fun to follow. Masa made sure everyone understood before moving on splitting up into groups helped as well. It gave people a chance to practice and fix each other's mistakes. I really liked the app that Masa gave us to help us with hiragana. Without it, it would have taken me much longer to learn it. (Kevin Silva / Level 1)
  • 188.
    I like the teaching method of Masa san during the class. Even though I'm not too good in English. I still can learn from this unique method. I had a great time. (Mandy / Level 1) 
  • 189.
    The teaching method of Japanese only during class made it easier to remember as there won't be 'translation' in my head. Teacher Masa is a very experienced teacher, he delivered the materials to us in a very clear way, yet it required some thinking. That helped me memorize too. The class was in a good pace and fun environment. (Gregory / Level 1) 
  • 190.
    The class is structured in a very logical way. The teachers enthusiasm helped everyone enjoy learning. Aside from actually being in Japan, this is the best way I could imagine learning Japanese. (Oliver / Level 1) 
  • 191.
    One of my favorite courses I have ever taken. I was blown away how much it improves my Japanese in such a short time. Masa-sensei is extremely supportive and the small class sizes are small enough to get enough individual attention. I can't wait to continue my studies here at Aitas. (Grant Sales / Level 3) 
  • 192.

    I really like the teaching method of this school. The use of hand gestures and pictures are a brilliant and interesting way to learn a new language. The course covers a lot of ground in terms of commonly used expressions and phrases. I really want to thank you Masa-san for all you have taught me! (Dominic Li/Level 1)

  • 193.

    There was one class where 2 Japanese International students came for a conversation class. It was fun to practice Japanese with them! To my surprise, at level 2, I was able to hold a small conversation with them which was a task I was unable to do at level 1. (Jerome Christoffer Fernands/Level 2)

  • 194.

    I liked that we learned a lot of useful grammar rules. I also liked that we learned at a few Kanji as well as the Katana alphabet. I think what I like most about the classes is that Masa-san is a great teacher and always reviews the hard subjects. (Arthur H. Heves/Level 2)

  • 195.

    Masa sensei is very kind, has high energy, and is fan. Learning Japanese in Japanese was done exceptionally well. I liked the essay and journal assignments. Lots of pictures was effective. Small class size was more helpful in terms of classroom speaking time for students. (Jerome Fernando / Level 1)

  • 196.
    We learned a number of sentences useful for everyday uses. Very practical. (Sandy )
  • 197.
    I like the constant on-going challenge of learning and understanding, I'm always on "the edge of my seat" (very attentive). It's never boring. On the contrary - a nice level of challenge. Really a very satisfying experience. (Michael /Level 1 /Mar 19, 2016)
  • 198.
    The pace of the class is pretty spot on, it doesn't feel too quick or too slow. Learning Kanji is made pretty interesting by the creating illustrations made to help us remember. (Dan /Level 2 )
  • 199.
    Fun and always stimulating. Lots of great content! Challenging but rewording. (Jesse /Level 2 )

  • 200.
    Obviously the best part of the class is full easement in Japanese. I wouldn't change anything, however it would be nice to have more classes a week. Otherwise its perfect. (Aleksandre / Level 2)
  • 201.
    Coming from a non-immersion class, I didn't really know what to expect, but I was really amazed at the classes. I felt like I learned more in my first class than I did during the whole non-immersion class that I took. Really happy with my decision to switch! (Laura /Level 2)
  • 202.
    I liked that all classes were in Japanese. I think the full immersion class are really useful and the best way to learn a new language. Also Masa-san is an awesome teacher, he is always happy and I learned a lot with him. (Arthur /Level 1)
  • 203.
    I really like the teaching style and the full-immersion. I am definitely making more progress here than at previous school or learning on my own. Masa-sensei is an awesome instructor, and I have really enjoyed my time here. I will definitely be back for more lessons. (Christine /Level 1)
  • 204.
    Level 3 has been a little more challenging with new vocabulary and more words. It was hard at first but once it's been explained into fun and engaging example, learning level 3 became a breeze. This time, more Kanji has been added and that is always great! (Chip /Level 3 )
  • 205.
    I love everything about this course! The immersion experience is so vital to learning, and I love how we as students are encouraged and challenged to maintain that in class. The study materials and lesson plans are perfect and well-paced. The after-class activities (conversation club, events, etc) are also great resource. I would recommend this program to anyone to study Japanese! (Jalisa Henry /Level 3)
  • 206.
    Each class is always so great! Learning together makes learning even the harder material so much fun. (Katrina / Level 3)
  • 207.
    Level 3 was fantastic. It really helped me bring everything I have learned so far together to help with my conversation skills. I feel more confident in my skills each week and I am looking forward to level 4. (Jacob Steinfeld / Level 3 )
  • 208.
    Full immersion is very effective for learning. Interact with native speaker allows greater understanding and practice. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Aitas and hope to learn more in future. (Yasir /Level 3 )
  • 209.
    I really enjoyed the language exchange within the class. While it was difficult, it was also a lot of fun and great opportunity. Masa-san always is in a great mood and very encouraging, especially if you are having difficulty grasping what is being taught. He also makes sure to review what has been taught to ensure you understand. (Kaitlin /Level 3)

  • 210.

    It's a great class, easy to follow along. I liked the how we used the JLPT N5 book as well as doing more listening materials. The pace of the class is good and easy to follow and understand. (Kenneth /Level 3)

  • 211.
    Excellent class! Masa is so very clear, helpful and patient! I learned so much in a very short time. I would recommend this language school to anyone interested in learning Japanese! (Julie) 
  • 212.
    I was intimidated with only being allowed to speak Japanese when I knew nothing, but I decided to take my chances and I don't regret it. It was a lot of fun, and there were a lot of mistakes on my part, but Masa-sensei guided me through very well and I am glad I decided to go Aitas. I hope to come back for level 2! Arigatou Gozaimasu. (Ralph / Level 1)
  • 213.
    The class atmosphere is very positive. Masa-san is very patient and enthusiastic. Japanese only helps break you out of your comfort zone, which helps you get familiar with Japanese sentence structures. (Aaron / Level 1)
  • 214.
    Thank you for providing a fun and energetic class. It is a challenge working only in Japanese and at my best. I felt as it I was beak in kindergarten. But like a small child I was thrilled with every new level of understanding that I achieved. It feels like solving a series of complex puzzles. (Rachel Hughes /Level 1 )
  • 215.
    Very fun with lots of support and encouragement. Some extremely useful expression and vocabulary - I learned a lot over 8 weeks arigatou! (Jesse /Level 1)
  • 216.
    The classes were so much fun. I learned so many things during the classes and I must say I'm very proud of myself. Masa-san is a passionate, fun and kind teacher and I'm very glad that he was may Japanese teacher. I will of course continue learning Japanese and looking forward to come back in January. (Andrew / Level 1 /Dec 5, 2015)
  • 217.
    Masa-san's enthusiasm makes it pleasant to learn. I enjoyed learning in an immersion environment because it makes it easier to understand quickly. It forces you to think in Japanese rather than immediately giving up and seeking help in English. (Chantal /Level 1 )
  • 218.

    I really like this class. Masa-san uses a lot of visual aids which I find very helpful to understand materials without spending time much in grammar. Hope I can continue studying Japanese in next level. (J.R/Level 1)

  • 219.

    Masa-san is an amazing teacher. The course was very informative and fun! Full immersion class isn't as scary as I thought it would. (Coleen/Level 1)

  • 220.

    I can now read, write, and even speak Japanese! Direct method truly is the best way to learn a new language. Looking forward to learning katakana and kanji in the later levels! (Geckou/Level 1)

  • 221.

    I had a blast in the level 1 class! It was fun to learn alongside my new friends. Everyone was very energetic and eager to learn, so it was easy to get along with them right from the beginning! (Katrina/Level 1)


  • 222.

    The best thing about class is Masa san's enthusiasm. It makes even the most difficult of classes fun and exciting. My classmates are great, the teachers are very involved and the exercises we did really helped me embrace the Japanese language. I've studied English, French, Hebrew and German and this class is by far the most fun I've ever had learning a new language. (Jacob Steinfeld/Level 1/Oct 3, 2015)

  • 223.
    The course was unique to me, but the course was done in a very clean and effective manner. I liked the style it was executed and recommend to any language enthusiast. (Yasir/Level 1)
  • 224.
    In 2 month I was able to learn from scratch to be able to write 1 page essay! Amazing class. (Yi/Level 1)
  • 225.
    It is challenging but so much fun! Everything you need for your success is given to you. I loved how everything was in Japanese and yet I was able to understand what was being said. Masa-san truly made this class great! Something to look forward every week! Thank you! (Kaitlin/Level 1)
  • 226.

    Very fun. Always active. Masa is the best teacher. 10/10. Challenging yet fun. Exciting in every class, and fun to learn. (Thomas Ercul/Level 1)

  • 227.

    Great class. Full immersion is by far my favorite way of learning a new language from the experience I got from the class. The pace of the classes and increase in difficulty in each felt and was as it should for someone like me, who never spoke any Japanese before. Thanks! (Alex/Level 1)

  • 228.

    I strongly believe in the effectiveness of immersion. AITAS's method not only makes you experience Japanese with all your senses, but also enriches you learning with regular language exchange clubs where you can find chance to experience what you learnt in class with native Japanese speakers. (Mehmet Guven/ Level 3)

  • 229.

    Since the entire class was in Japanese, it was a challenge to communicate even to classmates, so a lot of connections are made directly through speaking, writing, and even body language. The good part in that is that it makes you aware of how much you really know. (Martin/ Level2)

  • 230.

    I am having so much fun! Nothing compares to the experience of immersion-style language learning. (Kate Hudson/ Level 3)

  • 231.

    Masa-san makes learning fun and exciting. I thought it would take forever to learn but his style moves you through at a good pace - not too fast, not too slow. (Will Davis/ Level 1)

  • 232.

    Masa-san is so enthusiastic and patient. He creates a wonderful learning environment, and I looked forward to every class. Thank you so much, Masa-sensei! (Margot/ Level 1)

  • 233.

    I've taken levels 1-3 continuously for the first six months and I can't believe how much I've learnt! After visiting Japan, I can say that these three levels are invaluable if you're making a trip. (Alicia Sunichura/ Level 3)

  • 234.

    Masa-san brings us excellent class time and chance to practice. If you follow his class carefully, you must learn Japanese quickly and happily. Love this course, I will keep studying at this school. Appreciate. (Yanzi/ Level 3)

  • 235.

    The lessons were fun and seldom felt like work. The sense of discovery in figuring out how the language worked through the process of immersion was very rewarding. And made my understanding of Japanese feel very organic. (Timothy Chaychuk/Level 1)

  • 236.

    Classes were fun and understandable. Very enthusiastic! Great way to learn as a beginner. (Kenneth/ Level 1)

  • 237.

    Well paced, well constructed, and well presented. Two hours condensed with plenty material to learn and used. (Adrian/ Level 1)

  • 238.

    I loved the immersion experience. I would highly recommend the level 1 course to anyone hoping to travel or live in Japan. (Grant/ Level 1)

  • 239.

    I really enjoyed the sentence structure and the overall learning experience, as always, Masa was excellent and very professional. He was very helpful and patient. I look forward to next level. (Eddie/ Level 2)

  • 240.

    Immersion was great! I don't like the idea of wasting time by translating in my head from Japanese to English. Masa-sensei got a great and encouraging attitude. (Kenji/ Level 1)

  • 241.

    Thank you for the great class Masa! I liked that we were only allowed to speak in Japanese. I forced out of our comfort zone. (Yuxi/ Level 1)

  • 242.

    I think class is very good in the way its structured. Step by step lessons go very easy with no hurry and pressure. I liked the course and continue my lessons. (Aaleksandr Tokkaror/ Level 1)

  • 243.

    Masa-san, Thank you so much! What I enjoyed the most of the class was the repetition you brought into it to ensure that we always reviews the previous week's work. I'd recommend the course to everyone looking to learn Japanese in a social setting. (Rebecca /Level 1)

  • 244.

    It was great experience learning made fun. I only stress about it because of my wife being Japanese otherwise it just fun and no stress. (Donald/ Level 1)

  • 245.

    Just like level 1, learning Japanese wans fun and easy even the dreaded Kanji was not hard to memorize with in the interesting examples and little stories included in the lessons. Masa-san is entertaining and energetic as usual, making each class a joy to participate in. Now to continue onto level 3! (Henrique/ Level 3)

  • 246.

    Classroom environment is extremely supportive! Don't be afraid to try because that's all you need to learn. AITAS Language School is a very fun way to learn Japanese. (John Woodlock/ Level 2)

  • 247.

    Learning the subject matter was fun because you can now start to have conversations by expressing places/ hobbies you like. Being able to communicate more about myself in Japanese is a very self-fulfilling accomplishment and makes me want learn more. (Matteo/ Level 2)

  • 248.

    Very fun! The first couple classes were a bit hard but everything started to make sense. I learned more with the immersion. Enjoyed the group activities. Great teacher! (Quentin/ Level 1)

  • 249.

    In every class there is always interaction with each student which is great. Exchange club is also very useful! (Sam/ Level 2)

  • 250.

    I am shocked at how far we have come since level1 Kanji and Katakana is challenging but fun. Also, at level w we are able to attend language exchange which is very interesting!! (Philip/ Level 2)

  • 251.

    The lessons were fun and seldom felt like work. The sense of discovery in figuring out how the language worked through the process of immersion was very rewarding. And made my understanding of Japanese feel very organic. (Timothy Chaychuk/Level 1)

  • 252.
    I loved learning Katakana & Kanji. I also loved the fact that I can actually start to have simple conversation in Japanese in such a short time. As always, Masa san makes learning Japanese so much fun that I always look forward to Saturday mornings. Thank you very much! (Farid / Level 2 )  
  • 253.
    I enjoyed learning new expressions and phrases. We learned a lot of phrases that would be useful on a trip. Thank you Masa-san! (Sarah / Level 2 / Mar 14, 2015)
  • 254.
    Great place to learn fundamentals in reading/ writing speaking Japanese! Many opportunities to develop good speaking skills through the integration method. Thank you Masa-san! (Susan / Level 2)
  • 255.
    Class was incredibly fun and engaging. Masa-san was wonderful teacher that kept class really fun the entire time. Never would I have thought that I could write in Japanese in only 8 weeks! (Meg Simmons / Entry Level 1)
  • 256.
    Loved writing journals. I felt I learned the quickest this way just because of my learning style. Enjoyed how positive the classroom was, I never felt too bad if I messed up and answer or didn't know it at all. Masa-san is a great coach when you get stuck. (Amanda / Level 1)
  • 257.
    An incredibly supportive and comfortable environment to learn Japanese. I immediately understood the teaching method at Aitas Japanese Language School. Learning is fun and intuitive. Learning pace was perfect with plenty of time to review and discover new things. (John Woodlock /Level 1)
  • 258.
    I was extremely pleased with this course. I was surprised by how easy it is to pick things up even with the full immersion environment. Even times when I was briefly confused, I would quickly understand with the aid of gestures. Masa is an excellent instructor, making the classes both informative and enjoyable. (Victoria / Entry Level)
  • 259.
    The amount of stuff we learned over just 16 hours is amazing. I looked forward to coming to class every week to learn. I cannot wait for the next level! (Philip /Level 1)
  • 260.
    The full immersion is a great experience! The classes are fun and there's a lot of interaction among the students. I look forward to level 2 and learning more Japanese! (Tamara / Level 1)
  • 261.
    Aitas Japanese Level 1 is very fun and not intimidating at all. As a new student learning a new language for the first time I was very nervous but Masa makes the class very fun and easy to follow. We laugh a lot and class is not stressful. I look forward to class every week, and would encourage anyone considering registering at Aitas to go for it! (Douglas / Level 1)
  • 262.

    Masa san was an incredible teacher. I only speak English so I was concerned about learning another language. I was amazed at how Masa san took us through a calculated stepwise approach to learning Hiragana and speaking Japanese all while making it fun! I am so pleased I chose immersion as I can truly speak and write Japanese after simply the entry level class. I am off to Tokyo in January and I can't wait to build on what Masa san has taught us. I had a blast. Anybody can do it. Awesome! I absolutely recommend Aitas Japanese School. (Shawna Bailey/Level 1)

  • 263.
    I liked the way of teaching in class. My skill of speaking Japanese improved a lot in this way and I really started thinking in Japanese. What to say to new student is please practice and memorize Hiragana form as much as possible. It would help you study and bring more efficiency during the class. (Yanzi Xin/Level 1)
  • 264.

    I really liked the whole class. The listening assignments are also very practical as they translate well to real life exercises. The pacing and patience with the program are set perfect to my learning needs! Loved learning small samples of Kanji and the weekly homework assignments helped keep the content fresh in my mind. (Nat Racz/Level 2)

  • 265.

    I love the small class size, and how connected I feel with all the students in my class. Masa-san is wonderful and animated as a teacher, and makes everything so enjoyable to learn. The classes are well-balanced in getting you to practice writing and speaking, and I loved how interactive it was. (Sabrina/Level 1)

  • 266.

    It's surprisingly thrilling to dive in to another language via immersion learning. I'm amazed by what I've learned and I feel like I might even be able to come up with real Japanese sentences on the fly. (Sam/Level 1)

  • 267.

    This class was really fun. I could not believe how much and how fast I learned Hiragana. Every class is always exciting never boring. I like the challenges that was given for bonus homework. I'm looking forward to starting level 2 with Katakana. (Chip/Level 1)

  • 268.

    I enjoy the small classroom. It allows everyone to practice. The lessons were fun and challenging. Masa-san is a great teacher who is always enthusiastic and funny. (Jamie/Level 1)

  • 269.

    I love this class! Everything is explained clearly even though it is entirely in Japanese! Lessons here are always fun, and I look forward to coming every week. (Katelyn/Level 3) 

  • 270.
    Class continues to be a fun learning experience with Masa. The classroom feeling is a positive one. Thank you Masa (Garry/ Level 3)
  • 271.
    I like the class environment, everyone is friendly and very supportive and encouraging making this a "no fear" zone to learn Japanese. I also really enjoyed that "tomodachi" form, since that will help me when I watch Japanese shows. Would love to continue when the lessons work with my schedule in the New Year. (Katherine / Level 3)
  • 272.

    Before taking Japanese at Aitas, I had tried to self-study with books and online, but there are many things that you can only pick up in conversation and through immersion in an all Japanese environment. Especially grammar, expressions and conjugating, the pictures and the way Masa-Sensei arranges the notes on the board is super useful! I think even in 8 weeks, I am much further than just studying by myself! Thanks, Masa-Sensei! (Lin/Level 1)

  • 273.
    Learning Japanese at Aitas is fun. I was nervous about it at first, but Masa-san is very patient, and the immersion-type setting forces you to learn quickly. It's amazing what I've learned even over a few weeks! I definitely recommend Aitas. (Mare / Level 3)
  • 274.
    I like the small class setting that allows me to have lots of practice during class. The idea of Japanese only class was a little tough at first but over time it got easier. (Danny / Level 1)
  • 275.
    Entering to a full immersion class for the first time was intimidating, and it took some time before I could really understand what was going on or what was being said. But now, I feel more confident in my Japanese language abilities than ever before, especially in regards to speaking ability, and listening skills. (Sean / Level 2)
  • 276.
    The class were very well organized and well planned. The teacher was very energetic and also friendly and created a relaxed atmosphere. The complete immersion experience essential to this and I now could not imagine any other style of class. Thank you for a great term. (Patrick / Level 2 )
  • 277.
    The class was a lot of fun. I learned a lot! I like the fact that you provide the grammar notes at the end of the session. Thanks for everything. (Freda / Level 2)
  • 278.
    I had a great time learning Japanese in Aitas Language School. The way of teaching is very effective which impact students to think in Japanese instead of English while they speak. (Si Yao / Level 2)
  • 279.
    As usual Masa-san made the lessons interesting and fun and broke the lessons down in easy to understand steps. (David / Level 4)
  • 280.
    Good learning atmosphere with lots of opportunities to learn useful phrases in both written and spoken Japanese. Also great place to meet friends, both other students and Japanese students in language exchange! Thank you! (Steve / Level 4)
  • 281.
    I enjoyed the smaller group (6) and attention. Full immersion was a great way to learn and I realized that I remembered lesson topics more thoroughly. (Didn't need to translate in to English to remember what happened during class). (Enoch / Level 3 )
  • 282.

    After 3 levels of this class, I still love the full immersion. It forces me to think in Japanese which helps me to learn and remember. (Alex / Level 3)

  • 283.
    Like always Masa-san makes the class fun, and the class was a very good interaction with the group. (David / Level 3 / Oct 3, 2013)
  • 284.
    Just completed level 3. I was amazed at how much Japanese words and grammar I've learned throughout the course. I will definitely continue my study. Fun and entertaining. I recommend everyone to join us. Japanese rocks! (Michael / Level 3)
  • 285.
    I liked the bigger class this level. There was more interaction with each other. There was a good mix of levels between us. There was more conversation periods which I liked as well. It was easier to understand the content. (Joanna / Level 3 / Oct 3, 2013)
  • 286.
    I like the class was interactive (pair work, demos, etc.) and the teacher was patient with the students. (Freda / Level 1) 
  • 287.
    Great classes, always fun! Masa-san teaches very well and quickly understands any difficulties we may be experiencing. Delivery of immersion is done in such a way that everyone grasps the concept easily. I had a lot of fun doing this course and can't wait to come back for level 4! (Shilang / Level 3)
  • 288.
    I really enjoy an interactive conversation in Japanese with Masa-san and the others. Overall it was a fun experience to learn Japanese! (M. X./ Level 4)
  • 289.

    There is always something new and exciting in each lesson, and builds upon what we learned in previous lessons. The in class conversations in full Japanese has allowed me to be comfortable reading and speaking Japanese. The visual learning aspect of the class is also very beneficial, and easy to understand. (J.L/Level 1)

  • 290.

    The class was great. Full immersion is definitely the best way to learn Japanese. I really liked the way masa-sensei was so easy to understand even though no English was spoken. The drawings and body language really help as well as his enthusiasm and polite friendly attitude. (Jon-Paul/Level 1)

  • 291.

    The class was easy to follow overall. Though there was no English used it was clear. It'll be more helpful if reading materials are suggested. (Larry/Level 1)

  • 292.
    I like the funny cartoons and flash cards that accommodate the lessons. The most challenging aspect were the small group peer-to-peer interactions, which were actually quite fun. I felt that I had learnt a lot by attending classes without having to prepare in advance. (U/Level 1)
  • 293.
    Level 1 was an interesting introduction to hiragana and speaking Japanese. Masa-san was always helpful and encouraging. He made the "Direct Method" (no English) interesting and engaging. While it was difficult at times, the pace and structure of class was useful to learning the language. I will be back for level 2. Thank you! (Jason/Level 1)
  • 294.

    Level 1 learning was fun. Best part is you don't have to put a lot of time into the studying. (Pauline/Level 1) 

  • 295.

    Classes are fun and encouraging. I did not feel intimidated to learn Japanese. Should focus on memorizing as much hiragana as possible before and after classes to make lessons even easier. (Jeff Lau/Level 1) 

  • 296.
    I enjoyed the class very much and found it took very little time outside of class to stay on track. I found it very helpful to take a picture of the board at the end of each class and found it helpful when writing the journals each week. Keep coming to class, review what you did each class and have fun! I certainly did! (Amanda/F/Level 1)
  • 297.
    The class was very fun and relaxed. It was a very comfortable way to learn. (Kyle Holmes/M/Level 1)
  • 298.
    I thought the highlight of my week! It was much easier and much more fun than I expected, even after reading all the wonderful things previous students had said. Masa-sensei was amazing and had the whole class smiling every Tuesday. I thought my messy writing would make it difficult but Msa-sensei could read it quite easily. I'm signing up for Level 2 today! Thanks. (Anthony/M/Level1) 
  • 299.
    Before the course started, I thought the full immersion teaching style would be very challenging since I never studied Japanese. However, due to Masa-san's enormous efforts, the class is always been very pleasant and enjoyable. Two hours passes really quickly! I loved in-class practices a lot too. As time goes by, I'm not afraid to try speaking Japanese gradually. In addition, I love how when my schedule clashed with Japanese lesson, Masa-san Is nice enough to re-arrange and provide make-up lessons. All in all, it's been a great experience for Japanese beginners like me, Thank you very much (Zheng Zeng/F/Level 1)
  • 300.
    The class as so much fun! I recommend this class to those who truly enjoy Japanese. Masa-san was very helpful and he made this class so much fun to learn! At fist, this course might seem scary but before you know it you're reading Hiragana like a pro. The materials is easy to follow and understand. By the way, the is not English used in any of the classes (only Japanese) which helps with learning Japanese. I will be taking more classes at Aitas. (Hilda Namin/F/Level 1)
  • 301.
    The class was very enjoyable! You may not grasp everything at the start, but you will be surprised to how much you learn after the course is finished. My Japanese friends can't believe how much I've learned in the first level. Enjoy!! (Nicholas/M/Level 1)
  • 302.
    I really enjoyed and learned a lot during this class. Using the flashcards really helped in learning Hiragana. It was hard to memorize the fist few, but then it get easier once you get over the shock of looking at another language. Masa-san is amazing! He was always there to help and explained using difference methods. It was difficult at fist and I always went home with a headache the fist few lessons. But then it got easier ever when learning new materials. It's great when you have the flash bulb moment and it's through your own efforts and understanding! When I had to write the essay, I was comfortable writing a whole page of Hiragana. (Aminah Newwab/F/Level 1)
  • 303.
    The teaching is great and easy to understand. As long as you are enjoying learning it will be easy. Masa-san made the class fun with lots of visual presentation. (Joshua/M/Level 1)
  • 304.
    The class was a great experience in learning - language using immersion -style teaching methods. While it's not the easiest way to study a foreign language, It's definitely the best way to memorize particles and the building blocks of speech. English texts are useful, but I find that they made you speak in Japanese and think in English. The fill immersion method used at Aitas forces you to speak and think in Japanese, and enables a more full grasp of the the language. The course is what you make of it, so give 100% ! Good luck :) (Joe/M/Level 1)
  • 305.
    Although no English can be spoken in class, Masa-san makes it easy to understand from day 1. It was fun to participate each and every class and the small amount of homework reinforces the stuff leaned in class. Learning Hiragana was not easy but each class we practise reading them. Flash cards and ipad really helped. Highly recommend if you are trying to learn Japanese.(Lara/F/Level 1)
  • 306.
    I found the course progressed in a very well organized manners. Also we had plenty of chance to practice. The fact that the course is full immersion and no Romaji are real plus - giving us more chance to listen without translation. (Brian Pang/M/Level 1) 
  • 307.
    I was worried about not being able to speak Englsih during class, but I got used to it quickly and actually it was very fun. I liked small class size. (Kay/F/Level 1) 
  • 308.
    The pace of the class was great and I learnt a lot. Masa was a great teacher and made the classes very enjoyable. I had studied Japanese before many years ago, but the style at Aitas made it much more fun. The in-class exercises and writing assignment were very helpful. I look forward to taking more classes at Aitas. (Kyle Ferguson/M/Level 2) 
  • 309.
    I really enjoyed the immersion style Japanese Class. At first  I was worried I would not be able to follow along without any English but it is surprising how much you absorb just in Japanese alone. I found that most lessons continued to stay with me well after class and I was able to recall information more easily than other non-immersion classes I have taken. I'm definitely more confident with the basics of Japanese now and I look forward to building on these lessons in the next class. Masa-san is an excellent teacher! Thank you! (Nisha/F/Level 2)
  • 310.
    Level 2 was challenging, but very fun! In the beginning, you may feel a little overwhelmed, but everything falls in to place after a couple classes. I hope you experience your eureka moment! (Nicholas/M/Level 2)
  • 311.
    This course provides a good foundation for later courses and teaching practical info in a fun interactive environment. I recommend taking this course. (Gina/F/Level 2)
  • 312.
    Thank you so much for another fun level. I love your teaching style. You're so funny so we are engaged and learnt a lot. The grammar and essay homework was a bit challenging but it really helped me to improve my Japanese writing skills. (Zheng/F/Level 2)
  • 313.
    No English during class hours was difficult but it in a positive way. Masa is very enthusiastic and animated when teaching lessons and creates an encouraging learning environment. (Mathew/Level 1)
  • 314.
    I am very, very pleased with the results of study. I love your method of repeating phrases and concepts until they feel natural. It's an excellent way to help students become familiar with the language. I also love the fact that you use total immersion in the classroom. (G.C/35/F)
  • 315.
    Aitas doesn't only provide a good Japanese course, but it also gives us an opportunity to learn about Japanese culture (i.e. Cultural class). Not only that, but the teachers also put together a really interesting Japanese well, and to learn more more about Japan. (G.Y/21/F)
  • 316.
    I liked how a lot of visual examples were used, it was very helpful to my understanding of this language. Also, the interactive nature of this course allows for plenty of oral practice. (P.C/F)
  • 317.
    Lots of fun, the total immersion keeps one engaged & interested & on your toes!! Highly recommend this style of teaching. (Andera/F)
  • 318.
    Very fun, good pace. Could really see enjoying lessons and learning the language. (Kyle Finnerty/M)
  • 319.
    I really liked the atmosphere in the class and I felt comfortable to ask any questions. I liked that the class was greatly organized. You never feel bored!!! I think the teacher and her teaching technique were great. (O.K/23/F)
  • 320.
    I'm amazed at how far I've come in a short period of time, I'm even more amazed that I can now read and write in Hiragana. I can't wait for the next level of classes and I look forward to being able to try out my new Japanese skills when I'm next in Japan. (B.W/29/M)
  • 321.
    It was a great class. I learned a lot in just a few weeks and feel somewhat confident in speaking the Japanese that I know. (S. S/22/F)
  • 322.
    This level, I think I learned more practical grammar for every day use. This level was by far my most favorite level so far. Also, it was my most difficult one. I love to be challenged though. I can structure so many different types of sentences now. (Helder Martins/M/Level 4)
  • 323.
    I really like the class. It was hard at times, but always fun. I am pleased with what I have learned and look forward to level 2. I think this class is great. Thank you. (Stuart/M/39)
  • 324.
    I have finished level 1 Japanese although the course is quite intense. I learn a lot from it. The class is fun and the teacher has a very good manner to teach. There lots of communicate & interaction with teacher & classmate. I enjoy it very much. (Tini/F)
  • 325.
    The style in which Japanese as taught here is very unique compound to other Japanese language program. (Shomar Codrington/M)
  • 326.
    I really enjoyed the classes and I learned a lot even though it was a bit overwhelming at first. Kyoko makes the lessons a lot of fun and time just flies by. I never thought I would be writing a diary in Japanese so soon! Two, Thumbs up! (Wayne/M)
  • 327.
    AMAZING! Even though you don't know anything, you can catch a lot only because of repeating. I enjoyed it!! (Daniel Camisan/ 24/M)
  • 328.
    Studying at AITAS has been very enjoyable and rewarding. The total immersion forces you to practice and be comfortable with speaking Japanese and the small class size gives you a lot of time to practice it. I am amazed at how much I've learn in the past 2 months (C. T/26/M)
  • 329.
    Learning Japanese in AITAS is FUN. The teacher, Kyoko-san uses many creative way such as drama, pictures to help us understand Japanese. English is prohibited in class but that actually force us to present ourselves in fundamental ways just like children picking up how to speak. I found this very effective. (Ziphion/M/25)
  • 330.
    AITAS Japanese School provided an excellent foundation in a short amount of time. By encouraging everyone to participate and speak out loud, it reinforces what you've just learned. Her energy and enthusiasm keeps you interested in the lessons. (Dennis Laswardi/30)
  • 331.
    I am headed off to Japan soon, and this class has made me feel a lot more confident in a very short period of time. At 30 years old, coming back to school is a bid scary. But even after 2 levels, I always look forward to class. (Brendyn/M/30
  • 332.
    The instructor is an excellent Japanese teacher. The classes are fun and relaxed. Overall this was great first experience learning Japanese ! (Matthew/M/28)
  • 333.
    Thank you for the course. It was tough, but also funny. (The way the course is taught and laid out makes a difference.) If you do your homework it will help you a lot. Practice, practice, practice ! (Ovidiu Berghezan/39/M)
  • 334.
    This class is very fun & educational. The teacher is an excellent teacher & explaining things very well. (Joy Fang/F/24)
  • 335.
    Japanese class is very entertaining. The teaching methods are very systematic. Having the class environment in pure japanese allows me to digest the material thoroughly. I am very satisfied with this course and may learning outcomes. (John/M)
  • 336.
    Classes are very informative. AITAS techniques are very good even without any english in class. I can't wait for the next level. (Elzonne/M/29)
  • 337.
    I had fun in class. It was a very entertaining course. Kyoko sensei was very through and patient when we 1st started. Thank you for making school enjoyable!! (Janny/F/27)
  • 338.
    Studying at AITAS is fun. Not only, I learn the Japanese language, but also the culture. The staff is extremely helpful. I do recommend AITAS. (Andreia Arai-Rissman/F)
  • 339.
    I found the level 1 course to be a lot of fun. A little overwhelming at times, but it all sunk in eventually. The lessons were very well organized, and the class atmosphere was great. (Graham Mawhinney/M)
  • 340.
    The beginner's Japanese class was excellent. I was amazed at how much I learned in so little time. The class was also a lot of fun which was a big part of making learning Japanese easier. I will certainly continue to the next level here. (Sean/M/36)
  • 341.
    I enjoyed the learning experience very much. The energy and enthusiasm brought by Kyoko has made the classes fun and engaging. After completing level1, speaking Japanese no longer seems intimidating. Thank you very much !!! (Cynthia/F/22)
  • 342.
    I love these classes. Kyoko and Masa are so kind and energetic. It really helps you learn faster. I improved my Japanese more in these past classes than I have in the past years I 've been studying. (Christopher Ussia/M)
  • 343.
    To summarize everything, level one class surpass my expectation. I never imagined I would be able to read and write Japanese in just a short amount of time. In short, everything was excellent. (Aldwin Tee/M/30)
  • 344.
    I like the learning atmosphere that we all have chance to speak Japanese in each class. It 's amazing to use Japanese to teach Japanese. This direct teaching method is efficient. (Po Yi Mak/F)
  • 345.
    I love coming to class every week! Kyoko and Masa are so animated they make learning easy. AITAS definitely teaches Japanese for better than regular school taught French! It is also fun to learn tidbits about Japanese culture. My only regret is that I can't come to school every day! (Natalie/F/30)
  • 346.
    AITAS provided to be a wonderful experience right from the very beginning. The no english policy is the best thing ever and picking up Japanese words was really easy. (Bhupesh Bhatia/M)
  • 347.
    I find the Japanese lessons to be very enjoyable. I am always surprised by just how much I learn from week to week. When I began, I found it hard to think of the words in hiragana, and now I find I am writing things in hiragana without having to think about it. (Karen/F)
  • 348.
    The class is always fun and energetic which allows everyone to enjoy the class more. There's never a dull moment in the class! Though it may seem difficult at first I encourage every one to continue....(Amber/F/21)
  • 349.

    It was very productive, fun, and intense all at the same time. Friendly class environment, and a very well presented teacher definitely made the class an interesting experience. (Sid Sigua/M/24)

  • 350.

    Fantastic! Kyoko and Masa make learning fun. I have found myself dreaming in Japanese. Although I have a busy job, I find learning Japanese at aitas is a great past time. (Joel/32/M)

  • 351.

    Even though I had known a few words before I found that I could learn basic concepts very quickly such as pronunciation. It is fun to memorize things from the class when the teaching is interactive and engaging. (Andrew/29/M)

  • 352.

    The classes were very interesting and interactive. Kyoko-san is also very energetic making the learning experience more exciting. (Vivian Chan/F/25)

  • 353.

    Wow what a ride! I am really looking forward to level 2. It was easier than I thought & the teacher was fantastic / funny (Kyoko-san). (William McIntee/M/30)

  • 354.

    Learning in Japanese only was a very effective method. I actually learned to construct sentences in Japanese instead of thinking in English first. And it was a very fun learning experience. (Rachel Liao/F)

  • 355.

    The level one course provided a very good foundation for the future levels. The pace was very manageable. At times, I felt as though we were learning to say very simple things. (Christian Charron/M/25)

Aitas Japanese Language School