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Trial Lesson

  • 01.
    I really enjoyed it! I thought it was extremely useful and really helped me to connect words in my head. (M.A - November 22, 2017)
  • 02.
    It was a really good Trial Lesson. Masa has a lot of patience and he is a funny teacher also. I would like to study Japanese here. (P.Z - December 6, 2017)
  • 03.
    The trial lesson was very helpful and I can tell that it (immersion) works. (Vincent - December 11, 2017)
  • 04.
    From the moment the lesson started, I felt immersed into the Japanese Language and loved every minute of it. It's the best way to learn. (Aleksander, 22 - December 7, 2017)
  • 05.
    The lesson is very interesting. It's very challenging too! I think it's the right class for me. (Maureen Lim - December 5, 2017)
  • 06.
    The introductory class was a lot of fun - very interactive and I felt I learnt a few things. Thank you very much! (Natalia - December 8, 2017)
  • 07.
    Very informative lesson. The Sensei (teacher) is friendly and approachable. (Murina - Nov 18, 2017)
  • 08.
    It was a good and fun experience. (Jessica, 22 - Nov 16, 2017)
  • 09.
    It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed it! (A.U. - Nov 16, 2017)
  • 10.
    I like how the immersion works, and really helps me to lean Japanese well. (Philip - Nov 13, 2017)
  • 11.
    Masa is so interesting. I like his teaching style so much! You can learn a lot by interaction with him. You will learn the words naturally by saying it out loud and use it, not just simply memorizing it. (Chunying Gao, 27 - Nov 2, 2017)
  • 12.
    I'm a big fan of immersion-type learning. More exposure = more practice = more effective! (Xiao Li, 27 - Nov 2, 2017) 
  • 13.
    The trial lesson with Masa was amazing. (Ryan, 32 - Oct 31, 2017)
  • 14.
    Great learning experience. (Yatong, 25 - Oct 17, 2017)
  • 15.
    Wonderful! Intriguing. (J.Y - Oct 17, 2017)
  • 16.
    The Trial was fantastic, easy to keep up with Masa, and provides a great tutorial before lessons/practice. (Michael Persaud, 23 - Oct 21, 2017)
  • 17.
    The Trial was fun. Masa left a great impression! (Andrew - Oct 19, 2017)
  • 18.
    The Trial Lesson was fun and engaging. The whole lesson was taught in Japanese and the teacher, Masa, was encouraging and patient. Thanks. (Benita Oct 15, 2017)
  • 19.
    I really enjoyed the Trial Lesson. It makes me want to join the actual class. (Papan, 31 - Oct 14, 2017)
  • 20.
    Lovely Trial Lesson. Masa was a patient teacher. No rush, or pressure to commit. Would recommend to those looking to study Japanese. (Tim Adams, 29 - Oct 12, 2017)
  • 21.
    Masa was extremely helpful and friendly. I learned a lot just from my first Trial Lesson! Thank you! (C.J./42)
  • 22.
    Very engaging and interactive; I enjoyed it! (Ryan, 29)
  • 23.
    Excellent teaching (approach) and extremely sensibly done. (Gareth Gummow/21)
  • 24.
    I learned a lot about how the (Japanese) conversation works. The trial was all in Japanese so it was helpful to just see the teacher's body language to understand what we was referring to, without any use of English. It was very easy to understand. (L.A.N)
  • 25.
    It is very interactive and I am happy to get registered. (M.B./29) 
  • 26.
    Great Trial Lesson. Excellent approach. (Robert.F)
  • 27.
    Very good, very smooth and a natural-learning experience. (Anonymous)
  • 28.
    It's a very relaxed and informing conversation-orientated class. Very useful. Hiragana as well. (Yvonne/22)
  • 29.
    It was fun and it gave you an idea of what to expect. (Diana/27)
  • 30.
    Good lesson. Very nice approach. Amazing! Excellent to learn more and practice!  (Emery/44)
  • 31.
    It's really helpful to learn more about Aitas by taking a Trial Lesson. (Terry Wang/27/Trial Lesson)
  • 32.
    Wonderful trial lesson
  • 33.
    Very informative, fun and easy to learn. Trial lesson is a good very good way to know the technique used in school. (Francisco Rivera/44/Trial Lesson)
  • 34.
    Challenging but SO much fun! (C.L./Trial Lesson)
  • 35.
    You are a wonderful teacher. That was fun! (JC Morrison/44/Trial Lesson)
  • 36.
    Thank you Masa. Great trial lesson. I look forward to your class on Monday (Preet/27/Trial Lesson)
  • 37.
    Learned so much from a few minutes with the instructor (E.I./Trial Lesson)
  • 38.
    Challenging but effective and fun!(Lashaun/34/Trial Lesson)
  • 39.
    Wonderful trial lesson. It's great to see a lesson before committing to the program. You will fall in love with Japanese! Great, passionate teacher! (Mandy Howarth/28/Trial Lesson)
  • 40.
    Great! Very good example of what to expect. Patterns in the teaching are easy to pick up after awhile (Vanessa Toye/Trial Lesson)
  • 41.

    Amazing that the class is taught without English but it is still easy to follow :) I feel confident in class to speak up and practice with the teacher. Enjoyable experience. (Carrie Cheung/Trial Lesson

  • 42.

    It's a very good mix of teaching and interaction. Very interesting! (Avery/Trial Lesson)

  • 43.

    Class was really fun. The teacher did not speak any English which was good. (Raymond Yan/Trial Lesson)

  • 44.
    Great lessons, well structured.(R.Z./21 yrs/Trial Lesson)
  • 45.
    The learning process is fun and effective. No-English environment somewhat forces you to memorize and pay attention on the teacher says. Overall it was a pleasant Japanese learning experience. (Rica/Trial Lesson)
  • 46.
    It was very interesting and interactive! (Jennifer/Trial Lesson)
  • 47.
    It's an interestingly different approach to learning another language. (Dyane/25/Trial Lesson)
  • 48.
    The interactive approach and Masa-san's body language makes it easier to recognize the patterns and concepts. It is a good learning environment for complete beginners (learning through doing/practice). The visual aids and effective. (Micheal/28/Trial Lesson)
  • 49.
    A lot of fun. (Bernard Watt/Trial Lesson)
  • 50.
    I really enjoyed the fun and simple learning environment. I appreciated Masa san's patience with me as he taught me step by step and helped me understand how Hiragana works. (Alex/24/Trial Lesson)
  • 51.
    Masa san is really friendly and helpful. I learned a lot from this trial lesson. (R.L/Trial Lesson)
  • 52.
    Masa san has great patience. I really like the immersion! This helps to learn quickly. (Dani/22/Trial Lesson)
  • 53.
    Great, had lots of fun! Looking forward to learning more! (Jessica Downey/25/Trial Lesson)
  • 54.
    Really a lot of fun, very engaging and a positive friendly environment. A great experience and way to get introduced to the teaching style. (David Perl/25/Trial Lesson)
  • 55.

    Interesting and fun class. (Sally/Trial Lesson)

  • 56.
    It was very interactive and we were learning things that we usually see on a daily basis such as food. (Wan Yi/21/Trial Lesson)
  • 57.
    Obvious passion for teaching Japanese. Lots of energy. Good command of the class. Very engaging. (Terence)
  • 58.
    Very good! Practical method. (Wladmir Correa)
  • 59.
    Amazing! Who knew you could learn so much in 20 minutes! (Katerina)
  • 60.
    Different but feels like it will work well! Great intro! (Paul Kawai)
  • 61.
    I am impressed with the systematic approach that ensures a balanced acquisition of all the components of the language. What I was afraid would be an insurmountable task now seems approachable. In a short 30 minute sample lesson I learned more than I expected. I am very excited about what I will learn in the next 8 weeks. (Janet Fishe) 
  • 62.
    I like the immersion process. Great steps and speed for teaching. (S.S)
  • 63.
    Very fun and interactive. I was intimidated at first but the trial lesson proved it's not as scary as it seemed. (Korrie Williams) 
  • 64.
    It was very interactive and fun. It kept me engaged and they were very patient. (L.S/21)
  • 65.
    Very welcoming and immersive experience. Focused on the conversational skills emphasized by attention to pronunciation and body language. (Justas Butkus)
  • 66.
    Overwhelming at first but easy to understand after a few minutes. Very fun! (Scott Labonte)
  • 67.
    Fun! Learning the language this way is like a puzzle in a fun way. (A.B.)
  • 68.
    Masa san was very energetic and a lot of fun. Looking to learn more from him! (Kodey Ogaki)
  • 69.
    Lots of fun! Stress free, friendly environment with a patient teacher. (Steve)
  • 70.
    Immersion class is quite intense since student is starting from no basic idea about Japanese language. It became very interesting though after getting used to the format. (Lily Wong )
  • 71.
    I think it's very helpful for experiencing the true Japanese teaching experience, almost like studying in Japan. The teacher is experienced and energetic. It was fun. (Miranda/23)
  • 72.
    Very interesting immersion approach. Good, gradual progression built into the teaching model. Lessons also use words that are applicable to everyday life. (Yang/32)
  • 73.
    My friends and I had such an enriching experience! Due to the visual cues, slow and clear instruction, and repetition, it was very easy to pick up new phrases, words, and sounds. Learning to be an ESL teacher myself, this was a joy to learn from! (Michelle/25)
  • 74.
    I really enjoy the trial lesson. The atmosphere is really good. (Xiaoyu/23)
  • 75.

    Great introductory to structure and learning material! (Andrew)

  • 76.
    It's amazing. Fun and knowledgeable. Thanks Masa san for the trial. Arigatou.
  • 77.
    Very good teacher. (Tamara Fuertes/36)
  • 78.
    Great teaching process. Very easy! (Mike Solon/37)
  • 79.
    I think the trial lesson is very intuitive. Definitely worth trying. (Dominic Li/28)
  • 80.
    I loved taking this lesson. I had absolutely no knowledge on the Japanese language and I am walking out of the trial lesson knowing how to say words, introduce myself and answer basic questions in 20 minutes. Full immersion is the best! (K.H.)
  • 81.
    I feel like I'm speaking Japanese in Japan. And it's fun. (Liang Shan)
  • 82.
    Great learning experience and teaching style! Felt very fun and was interactive. Very welcoming and friendly environment. (Narjis/25)
  • 83.
    The immersion is great - Though difficult, I know that with hard work it will be a very efficient and beneficial way to learn the language. Masa-san is very easy to understand! I look forward to learning from him. (Sam/20)
  • 84.
    Love the style of teaching! Great interaction. (G.W.)
  • 85.
    It was a very interactive lesson. The instructor was very patient. (A.N.)
  • 86.
    Very fun - and very interactive. Feels like learning the language would be less of a challenge with such an approach. The teacher's motivation is obvious. (A.C./30)
  • 87.
    Masa san has a very interesting approach. He made us Japanese beginners feel that we're welcome to fully participate in the class. Full immersion plus visual aid seems wonderful! (Y.Z.)
  • 88.
    Really interactive and fun. I love this way of teaching. (Anh Cao/23)
  • 89.
    It's different. I think I will learn quickly and more efficiently in immersion. It will challenge me to try harder so I think I will enjoy it. ((V.S./25)
  • 90.
    I really like it. It was fun and informative. I know what to expect for the coming lesson and I cannot wait to start learning. (Karine/28)
  • 91.
    After taking the trial lesson, Masa gave me a very good experience about learning a new language. (Hillary/23)
  • 92.
    Great introduction! Full immersion makes it challenging but exciting to see how quickly you can start learning the language. (Jessica/32)
  • 93.
    I wasn't sure how learning in pure Japanese would work, but the use of flash cards, body language and other visual aids made the learning experience fun. (Oliver/23)
  • 94.
    Great! Full immersion will help me improve my Japanese a lot. (Sebastian)
  • 95.
    I really enjoyed the trial lesson; it reminds me of the time I started learning English. The 100% immersion is challenging but fun, made me pay more attention to the lesson. (Daniel Costaneda)
  • 96.
    Scary but fun! I am excited to learn. (Maureen Dodd)
  • 97.
    Very good immersion experience from day one. I am very excited to start learning Japanese at Aitas. (Arthur Neves/26)
  • 98.
    Easy to learn and enjoyed. Definitely recommend coming for the class.  (S.Y.)
  • 99.
    Good! Immersion style is a great way to learn! (Jeff/35)
  • 100.
    The best thing about class is Masa san's enthusiasm. It makes even the most difficult of classes fun and exciting. My classmates are great, the teachers are very involved and the exercises we did really helped me embrace the Japanese language. I've studied English, French, Hebrew and German and this class is by far the most fun I've ever had learning a new language. (Jacob Steinfeld)
  • 101.
    Very fun, and instructor addresses every student equally so everyone can learn a lot.
  • 102.
    Enjoy this class, but a bit easy for me. (Y.K.)
  • 103.
    Very fun. Can't wait to take a class. Unique experience. (R.R/21)
  • 104.
    Very enjoyable and more engaging than other language lessons I have taken in the past. (Victoria/23)
  • 105.
    It was very immersive and gave you some basics to start speaking and pronouncing things right away. (Lena Rubisova)
  • 106.
    Nice and easy to follow. Very enjoyable experience. (Kevin)
  • 107.
    I found the trial lesson very enjoyable and interactive. It was taught in a way that pushes you, but at a comfortable pace. (J.L)
  • 108.
    Masa san makes learning very easy and fun. I do not feel bad about making mistakes. (Gillis DePratto)
  • 109.
    Thank you. The lesson was great and Masa-sensei was a patient teacher and wonderful at answering questions. (Olivia)
  • 110.
    I totally enjoyed the trial lesson. It is challenging but a very rewarding experience
  • 111.
    I will be taking the level 1 course after trying the trial lesson. The immersion taught me a lot quickly. (PS )
  • 112.
    The trial lesson gave me a great timing in experiencing how learning Japanese in full immersion works. I like the amount of time there is to practice and there is a lot of interactions which helps me as a shy person to learn the language more effectively. (Brenda)
  • 113.
    I had a lot of fun in the trial lesson and can't wait to start class! (Carissa Rousseau)
  • 114.
    Really loved trial lesson. Masa sensei was very funny and interactive. I would really recommend Aitas for those who want an immersive experience. (TH)
  • 115.
    Masa was very helpful and communicated the lesson very well. He was very friendly and patient. (Sabrina Nawaz 23) July, 2016
  • 116.
    Very friendly, in 20 minutes I feel like I have learnt more than in the past year. (Cody Little) Jul, 2016
  • 117.
    The trial lesson was a fantastic way to get a feel of what to expect from the classes. Masa was a great teacher and made learning fun and interactive. (Stephan Barrow) July, 2016
  • 118.
    Love the method. It is intuitive, fun and easy to learn the language this way. (Daniel) July, 2016
  • 119.
    I noticed a bit I already knew. It was very interesting. The alphabet was intense but fun. (AD 32) July, 2016
  • 120.
    The trial lesson was just the right mix of difficulty, challenge and fun, very enjoyable. (DH, age 37) July, 2016 
  • 121.
    Mentally stimulating. It is practical. Interested in studying in October. (JY age 34) June, 2016
  • 122.
    Lesson was a lot of fun! Very engaging even with no English. (Justin Diaz, age 23) June, 2016
  • 123.
    It was really fun! I've learned a lot in one session compared to the time it takes in self-study! I will continue! (Ally Prasad, age 24) June 2016
  • 124.
    Wonderful class. I was very impressed. (CL) June 2016
  • 125.
    Fun and easy, makes you hungry to learn more! (A.D)
  • 126.
    The learning process is fun and effective. Non-English environment is somewhat force you to memorize and pay attention on what teacher says. Overall it was a pleasure Japanese learning experience. (Rica)
  • 127.
    Very nice instructor. Very effective immersion teaching technique. I look forward to being able to take a class! (Alison)
  • 128.
    Fun and very interactive. (Joan de Castro)
  • 129.
    I really enjoyed the trial it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed the teaching. (Rachel Ing/21)
  • 130.
    I think it's really interesting and I really enjoyed it. Even though I was hesitating a lot and taking a long time to come up with sentences, the teacher was patient and I didn't feel rushed. (Hasen/30)
  • 131.
    It was refreshing and a new experience. (Yasir Usama)
  • 132.
    Fun and intuitive, had a good time. (Thomas Ercul/23)
  • 133.
    I found the trial lesson very engaging and helpful. I am really pleased with the lesson and am definitely considering signing up for the full course. (Katie)
  • 134.
    A very educational experience. I look forward to learning more. (Jacob Steinfeld/27)
  • 135.
    I enjoy learning with other beginners. This is much better than learning a new language on my own. (David/22)
  • 136.
    The lesson was very enjoyable and informative. Very efficient and practical. (Y.Z.)
  • 137.
    Absolutely no English, yet still easy to learn! I'm glad I found a full immersion school. (Geckou/22)
  • 138.
    Very engaging way to learn Japanese! (Julie/28)
  • 139.
    It's amazing how quickly you understand what is being said. What an absolute treat! I can't wait to start. (Kaitlin/27)
  • 140.
    It was informative. Got a good grasp of what the structure of the lessons will be like. (Cooper)
  • 141.
    Very fun. I like it that it's enthusiastic, has some hands-on teaching. (Dan/25)
  • 142.
    I did enjoy! Really seduced by the immersion principle. (X.B.)
  • 143.
    It was fun and challenging which is a great mix for beginners. The atmosphere was good and I have faith full immersion can work. (Jerome Cristffer Fernando)
  • 144.
    Very fun, surprisingly intuitive. (J.C.)
  • 145.
    Very fun and effective! Want to come back and take the actual classes. (Andrew)
  • 146.
    Something different for sure. (Anton Makhinko)
  • 147.
    Very interactive and enjoyable. Although the lesson was only in Japanese, Masa-san did a very good job at making things easy to learn and understand. (Joey)
  • 148.
    Enjoyed very much! It was fun, not as difficult as I thought it would be. Great teacher! (Michelle)
  • 149.
    I enjoyed the trial lesson and Masa is a good teacher. It was very good. (H.W.)
  • 150.
    Interesting and easy to learn. good experience. (Linda)
  • 151.
    Excellent, and very keen to start based on the trial lesson. I personally prefer the fact you don't use English. (P.S)
  • 152.
    It was interesting because class was entirely conversational. Knowing the characters became of responsibility before actual classes start. At least it gives good motivation to start memorizing hiragana. (Jennifer)
  • 153.
    Surprised how much I was able to comprehend, being a beginner. Liked using Japanese only. (A.V.)
  • 154.
    Very interesting and entertaining. The class is quite interesting. (A.F.)
  • 155.
    A really good intro to the immersion style. I am a complete beginner and I felt the beginnings of an understanding forming. Definitely, a great ad for the class I think. (Jonathan Irving/46)
  • 156.
    It was fun and very clear. (J.G)
  • 157.
    Amazing trail class! I really felt like I was already able to speak Japanese and would easily follow Masa-san! (Michael/26)
  • 158.
    Enjoyable. Gave a good impression of what the classes would be like. (Dan Morrison/25)
  • 159.
    I did enjoy the class. There were some points that I forgot what to say. Overall good instruction, gestures, help!
  • 160.
    I work with kindergarteners and I empathized with them today when we started to learn the alphabet. But I also experienced their excitement and satisfaction when I realized we had written and read a word. (Rachael Hughes/48)
  • 161.
    You are very patient and humorous. I enjoyed it. (Nina)
  • 162.
    Very good! Masa-san was fantastic! (Justine/25)
  • 163.
    Fun and interactive. (Alexandra/23)
  • 164.
    Masa was excellent. Communicating and conveying concepts through gestures and expressions. It was refreshing and a new take for a beginner who is learning again after many years of not practicing. (Ethan Yip)
  • 165.
    I enjoyed the trial lesson, it was fun and interesting. And it was not hard to understand Japanese, even though the teacher didn't speak English while teaching. (Vsevolod Korobov/21)
  • 166.

    Learning Japanese at Aitas is a fun & relaxing environment. Easy to pick up the lessons & very friendly instructors. (Tamara Harry)

  • 167.

    enjoy the trial lesson very much. Masa-san your enthusiasm is very enthralling and it is a great encouragement to enroll on this new journey. (Khan/40)

  • 168.

    Thorough and concise. Masa is helpful and honest about abilities. Greatly appreciated. Looking forward to attending. (Ed/38)

  • 169.

    It is actually very interesting. A bit intimidating since you cannot speak only any English but Masa-san was very patient and very encouraging. I have only learned through reading textbook but actually speaking it with another person is a very good experience and I believe this course will get any student learn Japanese fast and well. (Sam Magtipon/28)

  • 170.
    It was fun, personal, and engaging. It makes me excited to learn Japanese and it helped me realize that I know more than I thought. (Julia/22)
  • 171.
    Fantastic! I think I started to understand the flow and teaching style. And I'm excited to start learning! (Alexis)
  • 172.
    Very fun and positive. Interesting learning experience. (Garry/26)
  • 173.
    Lots of fun. Very educational. (Eric Kipling/27) 
  • 174.
    I liked the way the instructor explained. It was very comprehensive and provided a very good idea about how the course will be taught. I found the methodology very interesting. (Liton Ghosh)
  • 175.
    I found the trial lesson very interesting and helpful. The visual explanation were very good. (Alex/31)
  • 176.
    Enjoyable, fun and friendly (Gabriel Fernandez/31)
  • 177.
    It was very exciting and informative. I love how interactive and personable it was! (Cristina Segura/25)
  • 178.
    Very good, I like the immersion system and no use of english. Masa-san was very kind and he is a great teacher. (B.N/37) 
  • 179.
    Excellent approach + very informative (Brian)
  • 180.
    Very enjoyable lesson! (Darrell Gregersen) 
  • 181.
    First lesson was excellent and fun. Looking forward to the class. (Bill/39)
  • 182.
    It was a very good class. I have already learned a lot. It was fun and I like that teacher speak only Japanese. It is like I am in Japan again. Thank you! (Natalia Rizea/33)
  • 183.
    I got a hang of what full immersion class means! Very good, I like it... (V.T)
  • 184.
    I really liked it. The idea seemed intimidating at first but as you go along, I found it was pretty easy to follow and very understandable. Of course practice is required or at least helpful. (Noyo/29)
  • 185.
    The trial lesson was very informative and engaging; overall I think it was a good look in to what the full course would be like. Gets you really excited for what is to come! (Federico/26)
  • 186.
    I like the trial lesson very much. Good teaching technique and great samples for the starter level to start. (Jerry)
  • 187.
    Excellent teaching method! (Stephen Bradley/32)
  • 188.
    I like the style the teacher interacts with students in Japanese. Very good. (Edward)
  • 189.
    Very interesting! (H.Z/22)
  • 190.
    I enjoyed the trial lesson. It was fun taking a lesson in Japanese only. It keeps me engaged in the lesson. (RJ/21)
  • 191.
    Feels good and confident that I can read the alphabet and learn. (R.U)
  • 192.
    Like the interaction. Thanks for the patience. (Bo Peng)
  • 193.

    Looks very complicated but once explained, it is very easy and fun. (Chip/27)

  • 194.

    Made it easy to understand what was being taught. Visual props are very helpful. (Trevor)

  • 195.

    I really enjoyed my trial lesson! I felt very comfortable and enthusiastic. (R.C)

  • 196.

    It's fun & easy. The teacher is super friendly. (Jamie/25)

  • 197.

    Challenging but instantly rewarding. (Sam/34)

  • 198.

    Good class. Easy to follow. Well structured. (Edith/30)

  • 199.

    Very informative. Well-paced. Instructor was patient. (Alex/28)

  • 200.
    I loved the immersion way. It really helped to pick-up the words faster. (Amira/33)
  • 201.
    The trial lesson was a lot of fun. I definitely enjoy your enthusiasm. The immersion sounds like a fantastic idea. I am excited to learn Japanese! (Vesselin Stroumsky)
  • 202.
    Masa makes the class very fun and interactive. I have taken french immersion and nothing compares to this. Even though it's immersion, Aitas makes it easy to learn. (Eric Hou/33)
  • 203.
    Helped me prepare for level 1. Gave me a good idea what to expect. (C.H/31)
  • 204.
    I liked it. It was quite easy to understand even though I didn't know ho to make a single sentence in Japanese before I came. (Timur/27)
  • 205.
    Very Good trial lesson, good pace and very understandable. Highly recommended. (Tyler Moravec/21)
  • 206.
    Very fun and interactive. Although it's only my trial lesson, I feel this school is very welcoming and unique. I highly recommend this to anyone! (Michael/29)
  • 207.
    Fun class, I look forward to learning more Japanese with you. (Jonathan/34)
  • 208.
    Very easy to follow. Enjoyed the format of the lesson with the picture cards. (Alex/25) 
  • 209.
    Amazing, It is intimidating at first but once you pick up the gestures it becomes very fluid and easy to follow a class. (Nicholas/22) 
  • 210.
    It was fun. And even though lesson was short, I've learned a bit of Japanese already. (Danny/37)
  • 211.
    Very creative way of teaching.(Jenny)
  • 212.
    It was very good and well presented. (Daisy)
  • 213.
    I enjoyed it! My brain is going to explode! I look forward to learning more!! (Neil/33)
  • 214.
    Excellent Class. Masa-san is a great teacher. (Renard Fernandes) 
  • 215.
    The lesson was very interactive. Masa-sensei is very kind and excited at delivering the material through pretty photos. Best language learning experience so far! (M.W)
  • 216.
    It was a lot of fun! The instructor made it easy to understand through his body language & gestures. (F.S)
  • 217.
    Loved it! It was easy to pick up. The methods used were simple and quick to learn. (E.C/23)
  • 218.
    The lessons are structured in a manner that encourages you to learn and apply immediately allowing it to remain in the memory longer. I am optimistic that I won't easily forget what is taught. The course is very well structured. (James)
  • 219.
    Easy to learn, but you learn a lot. Very informative. (N. M/25)
  • 220.

    Excellent. A fine instructor to a new language. Fun too. (Alastair)

  • 221.
    Very valuable approach to teaching. (D.S)

  • 222.
    I really enjoyed the class and felt like I learned a lot for a trial lesson. It helped me memorize some things. (R.I/25)
  • 223.
    felt more comfortable with learning (J.A/22)
  • 224.

    It is fun and learning. Like it so much. (Jackie)

  • 225.
    Masa was great! The lesson really helped for me. (Sonia)
  • 226.
    Enjoyed the class. Teaching was excellent! (B.K)
  • 227.
    I enjoyed the trial lesson a great deal. I find the full immersion style very effective for learning quickly. (Jeff Lau/27)
  • 228.
    It is fun and interactive. The teacher makes the trial lesson easy to understand. (Patrick Lau)
  • 229.
    It was an eye opener and it was great learning experience to gauge how much Japanese I need to know, also it is very challenging, but all in all this is a very immersed school. (Ryan)   
  • 230.
    Very practical & impressive. This way of speaking only Japanese will help me with learning Japanese efficiently. (Usha Chidambaram)
  • 231.
    It is very clear and easy to understand. I will definitely sign up for the first level. (Stephen/22)
  • 232.
    The trial lesson provides a good idea of how the lesson plans are taught. Although it is taught fully in Japanese, Masa-sensei makes the lessons easy to understand. (Joanne)
  • 233.
    Very clear. Experienced teacher. Good use of tools. I feel I learnt something that I won't forget. (Nav)
  • 234.
    It is cool, but a little hard for me, beginner. I think it is a challenge. So I will beat it. (Ran/26)
  • 235.
    Very informative and interesting. (Tim)
  • 236.
    Really fun! A bit hard at first but you get into it pretty fast. Overall great experience! Time just flies by. (Elena Churilova)
  • 237.
    Trial lesson was epic! Can't wait till I start taking classes. (Olya/21)
  • 238.
    Excellent, it made the language seem much less intimidating. Very friendly teacher. (Marc/23)
  • 239.
    Surprised how much I understood without speaking any English at all. Very straight forward method of teaching and very easy to follow. (Kyle Mahon/25)
  • 240.
    A great trial lesson! Very fun and interactive. (Jocelyn)
  • 241.
    I really like the pace and the fact that we have to speak and listen only Japanese - it really helps us remember the words. (K.Y)
  • 242.
    I really enjoy Masa's teaching style, he is very polite. The material is easy to follow and I like the small class, easier to learn. Comfortable environment. (Francisco)
  • 243.
    Great! Enthusiastic teacher. Involvement with others. (L.M)
  • 244.
    The trial lesson put me at ease, and reassured me that, while still very difficult, learning Japanese is not impossible. I would like to continue with these courses. (Zack Brunning/27)
  • 245.
    Excellent teacher with slow pace, + lots of repetition + opportunity to practice. (M.S/36)
  • 246.
    Very enjoyable. I want to continue. I feel this could be a very conducive learning Environment for me. (David)
  • 247.
    It was an enjoyable trial lesson. The set-up was intuitive and allowed a lot of interaction. (Sheena/28)
  • 248.
    Good like I expected, not starting from boring grammar but to try your best to imitate and speak Japanese out loud. I like the style. (Hao Qin/23)
  • 249.
    I quickly started getting the hang of it, and it was fun and informative. (Kyle Fordham/21)
  • 250.
    It was very informative. It is amazing how much you can pick up in a short time. I'm looking forward to learning more. (Tristan Bankasingh/25)
  • 251.
    Immersion is very good. Excellent teacher. (Bryan)
  • 252.
    Really enjoyed the trial lesson. Definitely planning to register and looking forward to getting started. (Annabelle/33)
  • 253.
    Very well structured, and was funfelt like I could learn a lot if taking the course. (David/36) 
  • 254.
    Challenging but fun! (Robert Miles)
  • 255.
    The trial lesson was very fan and enjoyable. I was worried at first if I would understand , but Masa put my worries away very quickly. I am looking forward to the full lessons! (John/25)
  • 256.
    Very interesting! Teacher was very helpful and understanding. (Kyle Brown/34)
  • 257.
    Like how it's taught in full-immersion way. Enjoyed it. (P.C)
  • 258.
    Awesome! Concepts explained excellently and all in Japanese! (Serge/M) 
  • 259.
    Very Good. Challenging but not too difficult. Looking forward to class. (Will)
  • 260.
    Very good - Masa-san has a wonderful and enthusiastic manner. Very excited to start. (M.B)
  • 261.
    Good first impression. Was helpful to hear the language spoken. (Ray)
  • 262.
    The trial lessons was so much fun. I really enjoyed it. Masa-san is a very skillful teacher. I certainly is going to register! (Tatiana/47)
  • 263.
    It's very interactive. Small class. No English. Easy to get into the environment. (Grace)
  • 264.
    Very informative, easy to follow. Signed up immediately. (Voinea/26/M)
  • 265.
    The teacher (Masa san) is a great teacher. The technique is great and I feel positive about picking up the language. (R.M/F)
  • 266.
    Enjoyed learning hiragana. (Alex)
  • 267.
    Incredible experience. You don't just listen, you participate and converse in Japanese. (John/25/M)
  • 268.
    Very interesting and very helpful. (Xin)
  • 269.
    I believe that speaking Japanese only in class in the best way to learn Japanese. (A.B/39/M)
  • 270.
    Very Good!! It was an eye opener, Didn't expect it to be easy, but it was worth it!! Very friendly and fun!! (J.C/26/F)
  • 271.
    Excellent first lesson. No english was spoken and the teacher made himself understood through repetition and body language. I am signing up for the level one class immediately. (M.L/35/M)
  • 272.
    Very good for teaching in Japanese with no english. Learning was hard a first, but gets better after sometime. Nice to see how well you can handle this type of teaching with everything in Japanese. (J.K/27/M
  • 273.
    Very logical progression. The hiragana becomes a lot simpler once it was explained. (L.L/M)
  • 274.
    Very entertaining, easy to follow. Learned vowels in matter of minutes. (M.H/F/27)
  • 275.
    Nice, Fun. I am eager to learn. (Brent/M/27)
  • 276.
    Good trial. (Valerie Leung/F)
  • 277.
    Very good. Did not expect it to be so easy. (Isabel Lontoc/F/23)
  • 278.
    The trial lesson was fun and insightful, it was very good to be immersed in the Japanese language and be taught the tools needed to communicate + understand some basic phrases. A fun half hour. (Jackie Levitt/26/F)
  • 279.
    The trial lesson was a lot of fun even though it was challenging at times. The instructor was very patient and made the lesson fun and enjoyable. I was very excited and I'm looking forward coming back for my lessons. (Haney/31/F)
  • 280.
    Very very surprisingly great! good direction. easy to understand without any english! (J.A/24/F)
  • 281.
    Excellent! Hai! (Anthony Fontana/M)
  • 282.
    The trial lesson is very helpful, yet a lot of fun. The instructor is very patient to teach and correct word by word, sentence by sentence until I got it right. Great Trial! (Abel Zhao/M)
  • 283.
    I really enjoyed the lesson. No English, just Japanese, right away. I think the lessons here will be great. (Isaac/21/M)
  • 284.
    Trial lesson was great! (David)
  • 285.
    The trial lesson was very helpful in providing a synopsis of what the "real" lessons are like. There are plenty of interactions that will make you interested in learning more Japanese! (John)
  • 286.
    I enjoyed learning Japanese the interactive way. (N.L/F)
  • 287.
    It was a very interesting class. Kyoko-san was very funny. (Jason Tu/M//21)
  • 288.
    I was amazed at how much I actually understood. The challenge will be to remember it! (Robin/F)
  • 289.
    I like the way which the classes are taught, although no english was spoken. I was able to under majority of what was but repetitively saying the sentence and by the use of body language. (Henri/M)
  • 290.
    Very interesting class and a friendly environment to study in. (Kenneth Hau/M)
  • 291.
    The teacher was very clear and enthusiastic. I especially appreciated the repetition. (Kristen/F)
  • 292.
    It was easier than I expected. The teacher was very lively and engaging, but it was a good introduction to Japanese...in Japanese. (Heather Lau/F)
  • 293.
    I like the Japanese only approach. I have learned other languages this way and I like it. (Dan/31/M)
  • 294.
    Wow! I thought Japanese was so hard to learn. The instructor made it easy. I'm very excited to go to AITAS Japanese Language School. (Jaymar/21/M)
  • 295.
    I was not sure how it could work. But now I can see clearly. I think if you really want to learn this method will work for you. (David Irvine/37/M)
  • 296.
    Though, Immersion school is difficult at first it is the best way to develop your language skills with confidence. The instructor is very helpful and encourages to learn at my own pace. I'm excited to begin full-time classes! (Dwayne/22/M)
  • 297.
    The teaching is systematic. Although some aspects of the language seem idiosyncratic, each example makes the similarities and differences apparent. (Stephanie/F/27)
  • 298.
    I enjoyed the lesson, who would think that you could learn so much in such a short time without ever speaking English! The instructor was very good and patient. I was hooked within the first 5 minutes. (Christopher Newton/27/M)
  • 299.
    I was very nervous for this lesson but the instructor was very patient and kind. Full immersion is an excellent way to learn another language and I look forward to participating in their classes soon. (Jennifer Williams/F)
  • 300.
    True to their word, you will be speaking Japanese with in 5 minutes. (Sally/F/29)
  • 301.
    Very effective. Felt like I learned something even within the first 1/2 hour. The total immersion in the language really forces you to pay complete attention and learn as much as possible. (Jonah/26/M)
  • 302.
    The instructor was very helpful and patient when teaching me. The way that things were taught - the repetitiveness was extremely helpful to remember things. The pictures and diagrams also were great. I look forward to my first lesson. (Kelly Lau/25/F)
  • 303.
    Excellent Lesson. Very pleasant and enthusiastic teacher makes learning Japanese seem easy. 
  • 304.
    It was very good. Very interactive, which forces you to interact, and learn, and focus your attention. Thank you.(Marc/28/M)
  • 305.
    The trial lesson was great! The instructor was really friendly & patient & even though I am an absolute beginner I enjoyed the experience. Thanks! (Jenna/F) 
  • 306.
    Interesting. Wanted to see if I can do it. Think I can. Instructor very nice. (Andrew Tite/M/31)
  • 307.
    Very interesting and fun. We are part of the lesson not the audience. (F)
  • 308.
    The trial lesson was great! The instructor is very patient and nice to us. The course materials is very interesting too. (Hui/F)
  • 309.
    The instructor is nice. The lesson is fun! (Chaoran/F)
  • 310.
    Well structured and easy to follow.(M)
  • 311.
    Very good, fun and useful. (M)
  • 312.

    I really enjoyed the trial lesson-I even learned vocabulary & sounds. This method seems very interesting & effective, & I'm very interested in continuing now. Very good trial instruction. (Kelley Stanley/28/F)

  • 313.

    Trial lesson was excellent!! It gave me the opportunity to know what to expect. The no English Japanese only is a great way to learn. I was able to learn good Basic Japanese in 20minutes. Thank-You. I enjoyed the lesson!(Sheila/35/F)

  • 314.
    It was helpful to go through the motions of a class to see how taking it would be.
  • 315.

    The trial lesson instructor made me feel welcome and comfortable right from the beginning. He was enthusiastic and encouraged my participation. A fantastic learning experience and trial ! (Grant/30/M)

  • 316.

    Before starting the trial lesson, I was a little scared that I wouldn't be able to understand the teacher however the instructor made the lesson easy to understand and comfortable to learn. Thank you! (Amanda/23/F)

  • 317.

    I like the trial lesson. Time goes really fast in class and teacher is very nice and funny. I got lots of useful information from the lesson. (Serena/F)

  • 318.

    I really enjoyed the trial lesson. I had a lot of fun. Great trial lesson. (Andre Padeigis-Nagy/20/M)

  • 319.

    The trial lesson was very scary at first. However I really feel like I learned something and I enjoyed being pushed out of my comfort zone. It was motivating. The instructor is a great teacher. (Katherine/24/F)

  • 320.
    I really liked the visual way of learning a new language. The teacher was very encouraging and patient which materials me to come and learn. (K.N/F) 

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