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Privileges of Being an Aitas Student

Your learning experience is important to us. We believe that the more we can do to ensure that your studying time here at Aitas is optimized, the greater your success will be as our student. And at Aitas, your success is our success.

We offer the following perks to you once you become our student:

Travel Support

If you are learning Japanese in preparation for an upcoming relocation or trip to Japan, this privilege is definitely for you. We give you free access to information on travel agencies, accommodations, travel guidebooks, and key tourist attractions in Japan. As an Aitas student you are even entitled to discounted prices on all airplane tickets to Japan, JR passes, guest houses, apartments, shared rooms and dormitory accommodations that you may need during your trip.

Guidance to Prepare You For Studies Abroad

Aitas gives you free access to information on Japanese language schools, colleges, universities, graduate schools, and available scholarships in Japan.

We offer information sessions regarding further study opportunities in Japan, and we also provide individual counseling meetings to fully support each of our students in making important educational and travel decisions.

Informative and Entertaining Newsletters

You will receive quarterly publications of our Aitas Newsletter, which will provide you with various school updates, information about upcoming events, new services, course schedules, Japanese trends, Japanese news and much more!

Language Exchange Club

This is a club where you can practice your communication skills by mingling with native Japanese speakers and immersing yourself within the culture. The Language Exchange Club takes place once a week or bi-week and allows you to experience the pleasure of communicating in Japanese without fear or hesitation.

Membership on Our Language Exchange Matching Website

It’s a place where you can connect with native Japanese speakers, make friends, and practice Japanese through language exchange! You have four language exchange options: In person, Pen pals, Online chat, and Audio/Visual chat.

Japanese Kanji Name Creation

Once you are one of our students, we can create your personal name in Kanji according to its sounds. We will make a customized, flattering, and stylish Kanji name just for you. We offer this service at a special rate.

Translation Service

We provide translation services from English to Japanese, for whatever you need. This is offered at a very special rate to all of our students.

Reference Letters

Are you applying for a special program and looking for some endorsement from Aitas? For a nominal fee, we would be happy to write you a reference letter to improve your chances of being accepted. To further contribute to your proof of qualifications, you will also be issued a course certificate on your last day.

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