How to Succeed in your Japanese Studies

Vol. 5 - Stanley

success5.jpgLearning the Japanese Language is a very fulfilling experience. Unfortunately, despite its rewards, the learning process consists of a great deal of work. Consistent weekly study-time is a must. This involves knowledge and familiarization of the material in each new lesson. For myself, I divided my study-time into two main portions: grammar and vocabulary. For the grammatical portion, this entailed the comprehension of new syntax in sentence structures. As for vocabulary, memorization of Hiragana, Katakana, and the Kanji forms of new terminology was necessary. It may seem relatively easy. However, the further you progress, grammar becomes increasingly complex, and the volume of terminology will continue to multiply. Therefore, to be successful in your Japanese studies, possession of the proper, and well organized, study material is essential. This was something that I discovered at Aitas.

Aitas will prepare everything necessary for the completion of your studies. You'll find detailed explanations of the grammatical portions covered in each individual lesson. In addition, provided for your use will be the vital vocabulary you'll be required to know for each level. I have to say that attending Aitas was instrumental in achieving my objective of becoming Japanese-lingual!

You'll find that the curriculum at Aitas follows a logical learning structure that will make sense to any student. As long as you can devote the time, and are willing to learn, I am sure you'll be able to complete your studies.

I hope that you'll find studying at Aitas just as useful as I have!

(Level 8 Completed in August, 2010)

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