How to Succeed in your Japanese Studies

Vol. 7 - Ramteen Rezai

success7.jpgJapanese is the third language I'm learning (excluding my mother tongue) and undoubtedly the most difficult one!

In my experience, the most effective method of learning a new language is developing the skill to "think in that language". This is why I chose Aitas, as teaching at Aitas is based on "full-immersion method", which helps learners of Japanese develop the skill to "think Japanese".

Along with learning the grammar, practicing with native speakers is a useful means of improving your spoken Japanese, and personally I believe it is also superior to watching Japanese TV channels and/or movies especially for the beginner and intermediate level learners.

The most challenging aspects of Japanese language, reading and writing, take a lot of practice and patience. Visual mnemonics (like those used in Aitas kanji courses) are a great help in learning the kanji. Finally, my favourite online Japanese dictionary is Jisho (http://jisho.org). Why? Because it tells you which words are commonly used, in addition to its other great features...

(Level 8 in March, 2012)

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