How to Succeed in your Japanese Studies

Vol. 6 - Dennis Laswardi

success6.jpgAlthough I do not consider myself a successful Japanese speaker yet, the progress I've made over the past 3 years have surpassed my expectations. Taking lessons at Aitas provided a foundation and structured learning giving me the confidence and encouragement I needed.

In-class lessons are just one component of the learning process I feel. At home I review the lessons, work on the textbook exercises, and listen to the associated CD. I very much enjoy watching Japanese television shows online. It's a great way to practice listening to the different speaking styles and learn vocabulary. The grammar and phrases I am able to understand reinforces what I learned from class and hopefully enables me to broaden my speaking ability.

Finally, the conversation club is a great opportunity to practice everything I've learned and further develop my ability. Thank you Kyoko-sensei and Masa-sensei for your constant encouragement and I look forward to continuing my studies with you.

(Level 7 Completed in August, 2010)

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