How to Succeed in your Japanese Studies

Vol. 1 - Danielle Hrapoonov

success2.jpg1. Become Aitas student
If you are asking WHY, you obviously are not an AITAS student. Not good. Quickly, run and enroll before the class is full.
If you are not asking WHY - congrats. You know how to run quickly.

2. Tell everyone you are studying Japanese
The amount of positive feedback you'll get, will be more than you need to overcome any kind of obstacle in general.

3. Be a proud beginner - empty your mind
Do not take yourself too seriously,you might miss the fun part. Yeah, there is one actually. 

4. Follow Kyoko san and Masa san recommendations
There are the guiding stars on your way to Japan.

5. Do your homework
If you can not concentrate at home because manga, dorama or j-pop keep distracting you, go to any cafe. You'll end up making friends with Japanese boys and girls who study English in Toronto. Will they do that homework for you? No.

6. Participate in the Aitas Conversation Club and the Culture class 
You know why. Duh.

7. Volunteer for Japan-related organizations and institutes
You'll get to know the culture even better.

Do these and pretty soon you'll get to write your own "How to Succeed in your Japanese Studies" thing.
Cool, eh?

(Level 8 Completed in October, 2010)

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