Why Study Japanese?

Vol. 8 - Kevin & David


We having been studying two Japanese martial arts for a few years now. The only Japanese we knew was the kata (forms) names, related body parts and conceptual terminology.

As part of our studies, we attend seminars taught by visiting Japanese instructors. At these seminars, the visiting teachers only teach in Japanese with the aid of a translator. With our increasing understanding of our arts, we began to notice some content said by the instructors seemed to be "lost in translation". We wanted to directly understand the visiting teachers' words.

In 2010, we visited Tokyo to experience our arts in Japan. To prepare, we learned enough "survival" Japanese from books and CDs. The Japanese learned was helpful during our stay.  However, we realized that we needed to improve our conversational and reading skills to continue learning our arts.

Luckily, we found Aitas. We were attracted to the "Full Immersion" method and "no exams". We were not interested in getting certification but simply interested in learning the language. The school's "Conversation Club" was a bonus forum to practice what we have learned.  Aitas is perfect and flexible for our needs. Our Japanese skills have improved. We look forward to continuing our journey to speak and read Japanese...and to get more out of our martial arts seminars!

David Lee & Kevin Hyatt

(November 19 2012)

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