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Why Study Japanese?

Vol. 5 - John Herberman

whyjapanese5.jpgAbout two years ago I received a call from a Japanese record producer. He had heard some of the music that I had composed for the Solitudes© series of nature/music CDs, and wanted to know if I would consider recording and performing in Japan. I have since recorded one CD, and I have begun giving concerts, primarily in Tokyo.

As a result, I thought that it would be both beneficial and respectful to be able to 'get along' in Japanese, and to be able to speak to an audience in their own language. It has been quite a challenge for my 'English' brain, but I have enjoyed studying Japanese at AITAS. I don't know if I will ever be fluent, but I will continue to increase my familiarity and comfort with Japanese.

Composers Music Production: http://www.johnherberman.com

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