Why Study Japanese?

Vol. 7 - Alicia Whyte

whyjapanese7.jpgI started learning Japanese about 3 years ago when I was in second year of University. Since high school I was extremely interested in the Japanese language and culture; I tried to learn a few words online. When I decided to formally learn Japanese, I searched the web for a local Japanese school and I found AITAS Japanese Language School. I went in for my free trial and was already speaking Japanese, as their method is full immersion. I enjoyed studying there because the teachers were very enthusiastic, and dedicated to what they do.

I had gotten involved with the culture classes, conversation clubs, and eventually that grew to speech contests, and Japanese language proficiency tests. I became confident in my Japanese skills since beginners class, that I continued to learn Japanese at AITAS.

I knew that one day I would eventually visit Japan, and the opportunity arose by going on exchange. My application and interview spoke of my confidence in speaking Japanese, which was all thanks to studying at AITAS Japanese Language School. In my fourth year, I was heading to Keio University in Tokyo Japan for a 6 month Japanese language study. I enjoyed my time their because I felt that AITAS has prepared me for speaking and interacting with Japanese natives.

I will continue to improve my skills in the Japanese language, and understanding the Japanese culture. My next adventure will be tomorrow (August 1st, 2009), when I embark on yet another journey to Japan on the JET Programme in Nanjo City, Okinawa.

To those of you who are considering, and studying Japanese - it's a great language, and this is a great school! It does require your dedication, and I am sure that AITAS is and will be dedicated to your success in your pursuit to speaking Japanese. Whether your goal is to understand Manga and Anime, or to make a life's career out of it, AITAS is a great choice. I began my journey with AITAS, and as I have completed all 7 levels I am very grateful for their support, and talents. My journey started with a simple curiosity about Japan, and continues to flourish with new adventures. Where will your journey take you?


Alicia Whyte

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