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Experience Japan

Vol. 16 - Co-op Japan / JETRO

experience17_1.jpgName: Ke Zhang
Area of Residence: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
Useful Link: Co-op Japan

The Japan work experience has been very pleasant for me. I have taken this opportunity to explore Japan, her culture and people, and I have learned a lot more about China, Canada and myself from a different perspective.

experience17_2.jpgAlthough I had some difficulties adjusting to life in Japan and have had some disappointments, the experience has been a positive one overall. The largest hurdles have been language and forming relationships. I still find communicating with my co-workers difficult at times, but we can communicate well in most daily conversation. The work environment has been very positive. The work I have been assigned has been non-trivial and involves programming. I am happy with the job that I am doing. My co-workers try hard to speak to me in English.

experience17_3.jpgAt Yaskawa(*), I have been exposed to many technologies that I would not have had the opportunity to see or use back in Canada. Outside of work, I have traveled quite extensively all over Japan. Transportation is very convenient, although expensive. Yaskawa organizes various sports event monthly. I have participated in table tennis competition, badminton competition, skip rope competition etc. I also participated in company trip, once to Asahi beer factory, and once a ski trip in Hiroshima.

experience17_4.jpgThrough these events I had chance to communicate to people normally I don't talk to. The company also organize drinking party for special occasions, when new people enter or leave the department, at the end of year and in the beginning of year. There is also a cherry blossom picnic. During the summer, we went to the beach barbeque. Sometimes we go to concerts of local musicians with our co-workers.

Other than that, I spend most of my time talking to Japanese people, collecting information, reading and deepen my understanding of this society. At the same time, I educate people about China and Canada to the best of my knowledge.

(*) Yaskawa Electric Corporation
was founded in 1915 with its head office in Kitakyushu. Kitakyushu is a heavy industry city located in north of Fukuoka, it also hosts companies such as Nippon Steel Corporation, TOTO Ltd, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation etc. The company employees more than 7,000 workers, and it has a net sales of 322 billion yen. Yaskawa aims to be a "total solution company" in motion control, robotics automation, and systems engineering. The mission of Yaskawa is to contribute to the evolution of society and the welfare of mankind through the performance of its business.

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