Experience Japan

Vol. 13 - Tourism

experience14_1.jpgName: Dwayne Grech
Area of Visiting: Tokyo, Hiroshima
Useful Link: Tourism

Kyoko & Masa,
I would like to thank you for helping learn Japanese.
Your skills, experience and professional manner made my experience learning another language very positive! My two weeks in Japan were fantastic, but it's always fantastic when I go. However, this time around, I had a personal challenge, but thanks to AITAS Japanese Language School I was able to moderately overcome it.


Visiting my girlfriend's family in Hiroshima was a little nerve wrecking at first, but I quickly was able to find comfort after communicating the best I could. What I learned in the year that I have been at AITAS was enough to be involved, and thus, making my vacation extra special. Her parents loved me and I loved them, we had a great time. They have invited me back anytime in the future. Hopefully by then my Japanese will be better than before.


There are many Japanese schools in Toronto, but I took a chance on AITAS and I knew now that I made the right decision. Again, thank you!!


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