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Experience Japan

Vol. 12 - Working Holiday

experience13_1.jpgName: Ben Shannon (Illustrator)
Area of Residence: Tokyo
Useful Link: The Working Holiday Program in Japan
Ben Shannon: http://altpick.com/spot/shannon/index.php

All the OLs and salary men are real people who work in Tokyo. In 2004-05 I moved to Tokyo for six months to live with my girlfriend, and it was a phenomenal experience! Whether I was buying toys from a vending machine in Nakano, looking at synthesizers in Akihabara, or simply getting lost in the massive sprawling city that is Tokyo, I had a great time!

experience13_3.jpgEveryone I met was extremely friendly, and helpful, and their grasp of the English language is not to shabby. Not to be out done, I enrolled in the AITAS' Japanese language course when I returned to Canada. Now I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but I've learned more Japanese in these few classes than I knew during my entire stay in Japan!

I can't wait to return next month, for the beautiful Japanese New Year's celebrations. I'm sure I'll have a whole new level of appreciation for them this time around now that I understand more of the language. 

Thanks a million AITAS!

Ben's work "the Tokyo business illustrations"


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