Experience Japan

Vol. 11 - Tourism

experience12_1.jpgName: Shawn D'souza
Area of Visiting: Tokyo
Useful Link: Tourism

Visiting Japan after studying the language for almost 2 years has easily been one of the most enjoyable and fascinating experiences in my young life. Just being in the country is an experience that can never be captured in words. Japan has so many layers and as I spent more time among it's beautiful landscapes and people, more intricacy and elegance continued to reveal itself.

experience12_3.jpgBeing able to understand the language, (or at least, some small part of it) was a cornerstone in my enjoyment of being in Japan. Hearing the words and scenarios come to life around me was a great joy. Similarly, being able to change from spectator to participant enriched so many situations as I was able to interact with so many interesting people. I am so very grateful to have been given the tools with which I was able to achieve this.

Visiting Japan has only further kindled my interest and I am looking forward to further study with hopes of once again seeing and continuing to discover this beautiful and majestic land.

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