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Gifts For New Students

As a special thank you for joining us and as a way to provide you with a few valuable tools to help your Japanese studies here at Aitas, we give you the following gifts just for signing up as a student!

1. Detailed Manual

This manual reveals 9 useful tips on how to become a successful Japanese communicator. This manual will guide you through your Japanese studies at Aitas Japanese Language School, ensuring that your learning process is smooth, troubleā€free and fun!

2. Full Set of Japanese Guidebooks

Headed to Japan? When you sign up as a student you'll receive a full tourist guide to Japan along with useful maps of the country.

3. Aitas School Pen

Use our colourful and stylish Aitas black ballpoint pen in all of your classes.

4. Japanese Bookmarks

We will give you Japanese syllabary design (Hiragana & Katakana) bookmarks that you can use in your study materials or even in your home novels that you read for pleasure.

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