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Aitas Japanese Language School offers you entrance into culture classes and a conversation club to help you improve your Japanese speaking ability. Our school activities aim to advance your Japanese education in ways that are exciting and fun!

Culture Class

Learn new aspects of the Japanese culture that you never knew before. This class is held at the end of every term and teaches students such skills as ORIGAMI (paper folding) and SHODOU (the art of calligraphy).

Language Exchange

Our language exchange website enables you to connect with native Japanese speakers, make friends, and practice Japanese through language exchange! You have four language exchange options: In person, Pen pals, Online chat, and Audio/Visual chat.

Cool Japan Night

You will discover what makes Japan cool! "Cool Japan" is a television show that illustrates the quickly changing Japanese culture and how it is perceived by the international community that have recently made Japan their home.

Japanese Conversation Club

Check out this video clip of our conversation club that was broadcast on Rogers TV!
(Video clip here)

Are you having a hard time finding the opportunity to speak Japanese outside of the classroom?

If your answer is yes…

We've got good news for you!

If you are at a Level 2 learning ability or higher, you can participate in the Aitas Japanese Conversation Club. This is a club where you can practice your Japanese by mingling with other learners as well as Japanese volunteers, immersing yourself into their culture. This happens once a month and is an activity that can help you greatly improve your speaking ability.

A Japanese speaking opportunity for YOU - not a language exchange.

The "conversation" at our club is quite different from a language exchange in that there is no expectation of English language teaching on your part. We are not asking you to teach English to any Japanese‐speaking people in the club. Instead, this is a conversation club strictly for students who want to improve their Japanese communication skills.

Our Reasoning Behind the Club

We've collected valuable feedback from many Aitas students who tell us that there are very few social situations in Canada that allow them to practice the Japanese conversations they have learned at school. Even though our students have made Japanese friends, they often find that their new friends would rather practice English than speak Japanese. We want as many students as possible to experience the pleasure of communicating in Japanese without fear or hesitation.
We sincerely hope that our Japanese Conversation Club will be the just the right environment for a mutual cultural understanding between Canadians and Japanese. We believe this is an important project for us, as teachers of the Japanese language.

Student comments about the Conversation Club

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  • The conversation club really takes AITAS to the next level, because it gives you the opportunity to put your Japanese skills to the real test! Using absolutely no English, I had the chance to talk with native speakers using all the Japanese that I know! The experience is challenging, fun and very rewarding! At the end of the day, I was able to improve my Japanese skills and make new friends with people around the world. (Angelie/F)
  • I enjoyed speaking with a Japanese person for a whole hour. It is a little scary. But that is part of the learning. The more I do this the more comfortable it becomes. It is very helpful to speak to a Japanese volunteer supporters because they use language & grammar that we may not have learned in class. They also speak quickly, which is excellent ear training. (Paul/M)
  • The Conversation club was a lot of fun!! My supporter was very helpful and fun to talk to. I liked now we were in small groups to help each other out when we were stuck on topics. (Tesha/F)

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